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Drina was selected as part of the Adopt a Neopian programme to get free Christmas presents. Her brother is part of the Sun Chasers, but did not take part in the Desert Diplomacy theft.


My big brother is in the Sun Chasers, but don't tell anyone. He had nothing to do with that robbery at Amira's palace, honest. We're not doing too well this year, actually. I think my brother needs a new weapon, maybe some kind of arrow launcher? That might keep him safe. And we'd love some food, like a kabob. Then... maybe a book on architecture in the Lost Desert? My brother's super interested in it. And a history book about our homeland! Oh, and for me, could I have a music box? I like Poogles. I want to be one someday.

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Drina hopes to one day become a Poogle.

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