The Book of Ages

Soup Faerie's Apprentice


The assistant to the Soup Faerie cooked a meal for those in the Pound at Christmas. In order to get the ingredients, they needed the help of the Adopt a Neopian scheme.


I'm writing to you from Neopia Central, where I'm helping out the Soup Faerie. She's letting me use part of her kitchen to cook a feast for Neopets in the Pound. How can you help? Well, you can bring me some ingredients! I need a turkey, and scorched will do fine. I need some corn bread that I'll make into stuffing. A raw potato will make delicious mashed potatoes. I'd love some organic pumpkins, maybe in a fun shape, to cook into pies. Lastly, I heard there were a bunch of bundt cakes with cherries that are pretty cheap. They're already made, but I'm no good at baking with chocolate.
You know you want to help!

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