The Book of Ages

Disco Dizzy


Dizzy is part of the Junior PPL, and applied to the Adopt a Neopian scheme for help caring for some Petpets.


I'm writing on behalf of the Junior PPL, and we were hoping you'd help us take care of some Petpets this holiday. We need more petpet beds, preferably one that's moon-themed for the Sunutek staying with us, since Sunuteks like moon stuff, and one that's icky and old, for the Mutant Gangee. That's what it likes, honest. Our Doglefox loves Zytches and could use a wind-up toy, and our Manjeer needs to scratch his claws on something. He likes to pretend he's a Cyodrake, if that helps. Lastly we could really use some canned food!

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