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In 2015, Topsi took over the Negg Hunt, hiding himself in various places around Neopia along with his Neggs, having previously assisted Kari in setting up the Festival of Neggs. In 2021, an accident with the Rainbow Fountain revealed that he was actually an advanced android created by Dr. Sloth, with the hidden programming of finding the Space Faerie and securing her token to release Sloth. Dr. Neggistential managed to remove this programming, restoring him to normal. While under the effects of the Sloth programming, he appeared more like this:

Topsi in Attack Mode


Aha! So happy to see someone has finally found me! Although I must admit I was hoping it would be the Space Faerie... cause she’s just so cool! Well, it’s hard to believe all of Neopia has been searching for me this whole time without anyone discovering my hiding place, but I suppose that just shows how spectacular I am at hide-and-seek! Say, just how long have I been hiding for? It’s easy to lose track of time watching this pretty water trickle. What’s that?! It’s already time for another festival? I’ve got to find Kari!
Please ask her to come? You are a faerie too after all! Pretty please? With whipped cream and a cube-shaped cherry on top?
Oh, I had a lot of free time under the falls so I’ve been thinking of hiding spots and clues all year! Not much else to do under there. But don’t you worry, I’ll do such a great job the Space Faerie will be sure to come!
Prepare for the negg hunt, this year is sure to be grand! Your first negg can be found at the most exclusive pool in all the land!
Say, you've got a good eye, how about we play a little game of hide and seek? I am feeling quite confident in my abilities after staying hidden all year! All you have to do is find me 10 more times. Well, what do you say?
For more neggs listen to this clue, find a hobby that will hook you!
You are off to a good start! Now look for a sundae cart!
If a negg hunter is what you wish to be, look for a place where patience is key!
Seeking another negg stash? Perhaps you ought to take out the trash...
Head to the desert and put on your boots, keep an eye out for spinning fruits.
Someone has a sharp eye for neggs! Be on the look out for a buccaneer with three legs!
You've find so many neggs, and all on your own! Now search for a colossal Techo made of stone...
Take a moment to think of what you have worn, then find the store run by a Neopet with one horn.
Oh searching for neggs is such a joy! Now keep an eye out for an abandoned toy...
Drat! I can't believe you found me all 10 times! Guess I still have plenty more to learn about hide and seek... Well, congratulations! I'll make sure you get an extra special prize at the end of the festival!
What's that, do you smell something tasty? Follow your nose to the place of pastry...
You are almost there, but your negg basket is not quite full! So seek out the lever that one should never pull...
So close now, just hold it together... Where can you find a petpet with paper for feathers?
The Creator will reward me greatly, he will see my devotion. Oh and look for something that spins in a circular motion!
The Space Faerie thinks she has won, but Sloth is always lurking... For your last negg, find the business that excels at woodworking!
Well, what do you know it’s my hide and seek pal. How goes the negg hunting this year? What’s that? The… Space Faerie? AT THE CAMPSITE?
Weapons system locked on. Relinquish your token immediately Space Faerie, or face destruction!

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His construction is based on Bionic Cybunnies, though they were previously thought to be cyborgs rather than androids.

Although Topsi appears to have been constructed by Sloth in person, he was sealed in the Space Faerie's Token two years before the Festival of Neggs began, so it is unclear how this is the case.

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