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Isolde is a yellow Acara who lives in Meridell town. She is friends with Tristan, and seems to want to start a romantic relationship with him, but feels he is not bold enough to go after her. As a result, she appears to be in a relationship with Bermund instead.


Good day!
It is a fair day, is it not?
I look forward to the rest of this day.
Good day, squire.
Have you seen a friend of mine, Tristan?
I wish Tristan would be more honest with his heart.
I fear there’s trouble outside the gates.
I wonder if Bermund will go to his friends in Cogham?
It’s good to be safe in Meridell.
My friend Tristan wanted to be a knight.
I think my future would be different, if a friend of mine were as brave as you.
Always be true to your heart, good knight!
Brave and persistent win the day.
I wish all my friends had your qualities.
A brave heart like yours will find its proper path.

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