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Desert Scarabs

Desert Scarabs

A group of thieves populating Sakhmet, the Desert Scarabs are a constant problem for the royal guards, always stealing away food and treasures from the city folk. They can easily be identified by the scarab tattoo imprinted on their arms. They stole King Hagan's Pocket Chess while he was staying in the Sakhmet palace, by bribing the guards to gain access. The Pocket Chess was later recovered, and at least some of the Scarabs arrested.

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Aside from Tomos, Nabile, Horace and Zina, there are only two other known members of the Desert Scarabs. The first is an un-named Cybunny featured in Chapter 5 of the Lost Desert plot comics:

A Cybunny Desert Scarab

The second is a similarly un-named Techo first seen in Chapter 8:

A Techo Desert Scarab

They are not part of the Thieves Guild, but some of their members have gone on to become Guild members.

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