The Book of Ages



Guntur lives in the less desirable part of Meridell town.


Oh wow! You are lost, country boy.
I'm thinking you don't know how much trouble you're in, do you?
Look, not to be unfriendly but scat, kid.
Hey, look! I think he wants to be a knight!
Tough luck, kid. I hear all your size of armour has been given to babies.
Uh-oh. It's a growling squire.
Haven't seen the miners today. That's odd.
Here he comes! Mr Two-time winner.
Hey! You seen the miners? Thought not.
Wonder if there even is a shipment coming in. What day was it again?
Check it out! A Lupe in a can!
Hope you're happy, 'Champion'. I'm one poor Techo now.
Somebody's going to have to pay up for the betting losses in the Arena.
Oh, poor me!
No offence, meant, 'Sir'. It's just the snout over the shield is funny.
Tell you what, don't hurt me, and I'll run away.

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