The Book of Ages



Nina lives in Market Town. She loves pink flowers, and her father Josh tries to get them for her when he's not working in the food shop. When cursed by the Darkest Faerie, she wanted to rip up any flowers she saw.


What am I going to do? They're gone... They're gone...
They're all I have left of her!
If I see any of them, I'll rip them petal to stem!
I heard you were going to get me some pink posies!
I hope I can see my posies soon.
I miss my pink posies.
You got me posies! You are the best and most wonderful hero ever! I'm supposed to give you a present for being so nice. Here.
Thank you for the flowers.
I think I'll keep these flowers forever!
I remember that mommy loved pink posies.

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It is heavily implied that Nina's mother has passed away.

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