The Book of Ages



Nisha ruins the curios shop in Market Town, despite being a child who cannot see over the counter. While cursed by the Darkest Faerie, she accused customers of stealing from her.


Don't touch that! Don't touch any of that. It's all very important and it's all mine!
Somebody's been stealing from me. You're the thief, aren't you! Thief!
You just came in and now something's missing! Thief!
I can tell! Something's missing -- it is!
Hi! It's been hard here lately. I'm glad you came in!
Hi! I'm the owner of this shop. Lots of people ask if I run this shop for my parents but I don't. It's my shop. I'm a... Um... What's the word... A prodigy! So look around and have fun and if you have any questions, ask me!
I like meeting new people.
I hope you enjoy shopping here.

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