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Gil is a member of the Thieves Guild based out of Meridell. He serves as a fence, selling many ill-gotten potions.


Hey pal... Think I could interest you in this Potion of Revival? At 200 NP, it's a steal...
Well, maybe we can do some business later...
You know, those merchant types love to barter. You'll probably need something to trade with them.
I'm thinking you'll end up bartering with the Mayor of Market Town. You thought about getting him a gift? I'm sure I've got something in here...
Hey... If you pick up anything other than that Market Town Treasure, think I can have it?
Look, you can't do better than this Ungent of Curing! I'm just asking 350 NP.
So nice doing business with professionals!
Think you might need anything I've got?
Oh, I'm sure I've got something you need!
Alright, fine -- go out to Meridell and shop. But I've still got loads of good goods here.

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