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Luckett is a librarian at the Archives in Altador, and is very well informed about the city and its history. She had been in her position for 25 years before Altador was attacked by the Darkest Faerie.


Ah. Hm. Interesting. Very interesting. I have been librarian here for a quarter of a century and I can say unequivocally... I have never seen the likes of you. Your mannerisms are foreign, your possessions different. You are not like anything in our lore. This makes you quite fascinating. I hope you will take some time later to quench my curiosity. But as for now, welcome to the city's library. The collected lore of much of our world is here! Enjoy!
As a foreigner, you may be interested in our great Legends. Take, for example, our patron of bravery and master of the alignment of fire, the battle-lord Torakar. A shrine was built to him in our city's main arena, a fitting place for such an inspired warrior.
For readers with a darker bent, perhaps you would be interested in Master Kelland. Patron of lost causes and freedom from rules, Kelland also holds expertise in the dark alignment. His shrine was built underground, though many claim the entrance to it is hidden in plain sight above.
Among the favorite of our Legends is the mistress of the earth alignment, Lady Fauna. Patron of petpets, she protects them from her shrine in the Park.
The true heart of the city lies in our legend, Jerdana, mistress of the light alignment. Her shrine lies deep below the Hall of Heroes in Heroes' Rest. From there, her magic reaches out across the city to protect us all.
Perhaps, you are descriminating enough to wish to learn about our city's greatest tragedy. The Twelve Legends formed the city but one of them fell to dreams of domination. Like Kelland, she ruled the dark alignment. Her province was the Night and also the world of dreams. But nightmares filled her and she tried to overthrow the other Legends. They banished her and took her name away. She tried to attack us again, just recently. Her power, embodied in purple clouds, threatened to overwhelm us. For a mere moment, it seemed as if time itself was slowing down, but now everything is just fine! It seems our Legends must have saved us once again!

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It is unknown if Luckett works under Finneus at the archives, or if they share the position of librarian.

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