The Book of Ages



Magon had been secretly working on creating portals to the future, but was given an ultimatum by King Hagan after an accident, meaning he needed to finish his work within a week. When he failed, he was sentenced to two years of community service by the Court of Knowledge, having to teach science experiments to beginners.


Oh dear, I knew the spell would do something crazy, but how can I expect to succeed if I don’t try crazy things?! I must find a way to stop those portals immediately! I really can’t talk right now – can we save this conversation for later, please? I’ll be right here.
Oh, the king will have my head for this, I’m sure! I must undo this, now! There should be something in this book…
Good grief, not another one! Please, you must not breathe a word of this to anyone! Now excuse me while I try to get rid of those portals… What are they for? Erm - I'll tell you more once this is sorted, I promise. Now is not the time.
Sigh. All my years of research and experimentation have come to this. One tiny mistake, and now the king has given me an ultimatum. Of course my project was supposed to be top-secret, but I never intended to create portals across Neopia! Humph! Well, he won’t see his library growing if this is how he treats his scholars! On the bright side, I can finally take on volunteers. I mean, now that you know all about my project, you can help me out, right? What? Oh yes, I never told you what I’m trying to do...
The truth is, I’m not allowed to tell… Oh well, who cares what the king thinks? I don’t! You see, I’m trying to create a portal that will take Neopians into the future! We have travelled to the past before, but no Neopian has ever been able to glimpse our future. There’s so much to learn! So many possibilities! And yet, our “Wise Old King” thinks it’s wise to impose a deadline on my project! I’ve got one week to open a portal into the future, or he will stop all support for my research and press charges against me in the dreaded Court of Knowledge! You must help me out!
I need someone to test out my portals. Of course it’s safe. There are absolutely no dangers whatsoever. You want that in writing? Well… ehe - it’s always possible that something might happen to you when you go through a portal. I mean, going through any portal always comes with risks, but they’re all minor, I assure you. No really, I assure you. What’s more, I promise to undo anything that may happen to you during these experiments. Wait, don’t go! I’ll even give you something in return for every portal you test! How about that? Please?!
That's great! If you could just step into this portal here, and check for me what's on the other side...
First things first, here's your reward for helping me out! You can go check your inventory for a: [item]
Also, this book here is full of ancient knowledge, but the text has disappeared over time. Can you please pick up a Magic Lens and help restore the words on the pages? I really need the information in there, and I’ll reward you well for your help.
You saw something, I know it! What did you see? That’s all?! Oh, this is infuriating! So close, yet so far! What am I doing wrong?! What? Oh yes, yes, those unfortunate side effects. I’ll return you to your previous state, I promise! Just – not right now, please!
Oh you're back! That's great! You know the drill by now, right? Just step into the portal and check what's on the other side.
Now please record what you saw on the other side. I really wouldn’t advise you to try another portal right now, because traveling through portals can be quite draining. You should be ready to test another portal in a few hours. You’ll be back, won’t you?
Whoa, you look... different! Is everything okay? No? Good grief! What's that? I said I would undo anything that happens to you? Oh, you really can't expect me to take time off my research to reverse every little thing that happens to you! I'll see to everything once I create a portal into the future! Or King Hagan stops my research - whichever comes first. Come back soon, okay?
This is it! This is how it all ends! I am expected to stop all efforts on my dear, beloved project, and hand over all my work to the king while I face charges for ‘insensitive handling of sensitive research’ and ‘prolonged studies with poor results’. All this, in the kingdom of Brightvale, which claims to be the best place for scholars of every kind! Bah!
Well, thank you for all your help! I hope you find another worthy project to help out with now that I’m discontinuing mine.Yes, yes of course! I will remove all traces of those unfortunate side effects immediately! Thank you once again, my friend.

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