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Shady Merchant


This Merchant set up stall outside Sakhmet City while there was unrest about Qasalans. They tried to warn people against heading into the city. He normally runs the Desert Jewel, a battle supplies shop in a quiet area of Sakhmet.


Aaaah... Another one heading in the direction of the old desert city! You do know things are bit tense right now in Sakhmet, don't you? Of course, you do! So, are you going to be sticking around for a while then?
Just a moment, let me fetch it for you.
Gently Does It...
That casket isn't as sturdy as it looks. Would you like me to open it for you?
You Like Something?
Oh yes, this casket here is quite a marvel, I tell you. You never know what gifts it holds until you open it. Would you like to try one?
How many would you like to buy?
Are you sure?
Here's what you've received from the casket so far.

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