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Doctor Neggistential


Doctor Neggistential is an eccentric inventor known for creating things that are brilliant but often impractical. He is something of a recluse, but often attends festivals.


Sweet Savory Shnoogles! This Negg is defenceless.
Great nutty Gnorbus! That thief stole so many Neggs. Well, fear not because I am the master of Negg-nology! They called me crazy when I motorized a jelly Negg but whose inventions are needless, now!? ... *Ahem* Just get yourself a 'Negg Tinkering Kit' and together we'll give these Mechanical Neggs the high-powered, rainbow and rocket-fueled, anti-theft mechanisms that they deserve! That'll stop the thievery. Also, I reward all my faithful assistants with the finest prizes. What do you say?
Those legs will sure come in handy... Heh... You get it?... Because any time a thief places their hand on it, it'll run away!
Scuttling away is scientifically proven to be superior to walking.
Four eyes are far better than two! You always need three backups.
More legs. MORE I SAY!!!
*sings* Spyder-Negg! Spyder-Negg! Does whatever a Spyder-Negg does!... Now try getting that song out of your head! Ha-HA!
Eyes and wheels... It's a standard anti-theft mechanism.
Bright flashing lights will make it impossible for the thief to hide.
Don't be alarmed! They'll only go off if it's stolen.
AH! Nothing spooks thieves like loud noises! THAT'S WHY I'M ALWAYS SHOUTING!
NEEOOW-NEEOOW, NOO-UIP-NOO-UIP, NERR-NERR-NERR-NERR!!! Perfect as a Peophin. That'll never stop being annoying. Trust me.
Rolling Rectangles! Those wheels will give it the perfect getaway! But it's still missing something...
Tail-blades!... I think you see where I'm going with this.
Leaping Lennies! This Negg is about to take off!
A Rainbow flare blaster... Just in case.
Good King Roo on a Tuskaninny! Three are far better than one! There's no way anyone will catch this Negg now!
Eure-KAU! Progress! Click on a Mechanical Negg to tinker with it and reveal your prizes.
Ha-HA! We've done it! Those legs will sure come in handy... Heh... You get it?... Because any time a thief places their hand on it, it'll run away! *Ahem* Anyway, for your assistance, I've given you a special something
Patience, my excitable friend! I have to check the blueprints for this Negg's anti-theft feature. Stop by, tomorrow and we'll give it that upgrade.
Your instincts are not wrong my friend. There is certainly something off about our Cybunny friend.
I wanted to keep an eye on the festival this year in case the Negg Napper made another appearance, but it seems we may have another storm on the horizon...
Nothing to worry about quite yet, just a hypothesis in the making... say Neopian, do me a favour and keep an eye on Topsi while you participate in this year’s festival...
Thank you for coming back, this is a matter of the utmost importance. After analysing Topsi’s recent erratic behaviour, including the clues he wrote and evidence he left behind… I have begun to suspect that Topsi is actually a highly advanced android designed to resemble a real Cybunny!
I am afraid so. I hypothesize that Topsi was built as a Sloth sleeper agent, constructed by that conniving Dr. Sloth long before his imprisonment as a contingency plan should he ever be captured. Sloth must have designed Topsi to implant himself into Neopian Society through the Festival, all the while being unaware of his programming, until an opportunity to attack the Space Faerie and take her token arose.
That is a question I grappled with as well Kari! I theorize that the magic water that cascaded over Topsi while he hid under the Rainbow Fountain overloaded his faerie magic sensors, activating his dormant Sloth programming prematurely.
I have an idea, but it will require all three of us working together if we have a chance of thwarting Sloth’s plan. So, can I count on your support?
I promise no harm shall befall our beloved Cybunny comrade. How about you Neopian? I’ll need your help to lure him back to the campsite. I heard he’s been hanging around the Rainbow Fountain again, so all you need to do is head over there and let him know the Space Faerie has arrived at the festival.
Not today you mechanical monstrosity!
Not to worry, he has simply been disabled by this handheld EMP emitter I whipped up. Interesting! It seems Sloth was inspired by the design of King Terask’s Bionic Cybunnies. However, he clearly made several improvements and modifications to the-
Oh right! Yes, yes, Topsi will be right as rain once I remove Sloth’s sinister programming and reboot him to be the Negg loving Cybunny we all know and tolerate.
Quite right you are Kari!

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He holds a double PhD in Negg Technology.

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