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Chief Adler Honcho


Honcho is the chief of the tribe living in the Mysterious Jungle area of Dacardia. He was injured in the storm that destroyed the island, breaking his wing and having to wear an eyepatch.


Stop! Who goes there? What do you want?
You will address me as Chief. Chief Adler Honcho. And you may be a builder, but you can't just barge in here and start building feathery-weathery.
I'm not about to let any old scuffed-up sawdust-covered Lutari come in here and change MY jungle. Not without the proper tools. Like Scissors.
... So you can gather, at least.
Since you're so determined to be a thorn in my paw, I suppose I have something you may be suited for. I don't want you interfering with Mystic Village, but... This Camp I've got here could use some tidying up. I'd do it myself, but I got hit in that blasted storm, and now I've got this broken wing slowing me down.
Now you listen here-
Not finished yet? Hmph. I nkew I would be able to do it faster- ... Oh. You are done. But I'm sure you forgot to- Oh. You didn't. Feh. Well... I suppose I can't deny that this camp looks good. Sort of.
Your work has been impressive. I wonder if you would be able to fix this, too... Hrm. Do you see that tree there? That is the Ancient Negg Tree, one of the oldest trees in Dacardia. Neggs are extremely useful here in Dacardia. If you've met Ariel Celandine, my old student, I'm sure she's shown you all about the Power Neggs she created. Having Negg resources at our disposal will no doubt help lead Dacardia back to prosperity, just as it did in times of old. So I ask you: please tend to the Ancient Negg Tree for us.
Feh. I admit that you have improved Dacardia, but... Hmph. Fine. You may continue on to the rest of the jungle. But I'll be watching you two!
It brings a tear to my eye to see that our Negg Tree is all right. For a moment there I was worried we had lost a piece of living history. Back when this village was just starting out, this Negg Tree was one of the only sources of food. It kept the village fed, and in return, the villages took care of it. It would be no exaggeration to say that we would not be here were it not for the Ancient Negg Tree. So... thank you. Words cannot describe my gratitude.
I see that glimmer in your eye, Miss Cragg. If I didn't know better I would say you were already coming up with some new decoration ideas! Just... don't get carried away.
... Hrm. How do I say this politely...? Our tastes in decor here in the Mystic Village are very... not... yours.
You certainly are enthusiastic about this, Miss Cragg.
Wait. How many did you take?
Your decorations look almost as nice as the ones we made here before the storm. And your placement is... also exceptionally appropriate.
Not at all. I was trying to pay you a compliment.
Wait! I didn't give you permission to barge ahead without me-
That's a Cenote. It's an important part of our economy here. Full of rich natural resources - the best in all of Dacardia, I'd say. Well then. We must get to fixing the Cenote right away, yes?
Much as I don't like her attitude... I am looking forward to getting my claws on those Cenote mushrooms again. They're so tasty. I try to use them in my cooking whenever I can.
Well, I... That is... It looks safe enough... and the Neopets who have started coming back seem happy... Fine. I admit it. I was wrong about you two. Well, I wasn't wrong about being able to do this myself if I wasn't injured, but... Very well. Apologies for my rudeness. If you are willing, I would like to ask you to work alongside me to rebuild Mystic Village.
You know, when I was a wee nestling, my friends and I used to sneak down here to go swimming and eat mushrooms we were meant to be harvesting. Hoh hoh! I suppose I was a bit of a troublemaker back then. But those mushrooms made me big and strong.
Hold your Hoovles, Miss Cragg! I'm not about to let some strange Lutari from Fyora-knows-where steal our precious mushrooms.
Ah, a Squid! Not a bad catch, and great for our famous Mystic Jungle Inky Omelettes... Wait, this Squid is still alive. And it's... holding something? Funny, that doesn't look like anything I've ever found in the Cenote before... Hrm. It's got its tentacles wrapped pretty tightly around something. I don't think I can make it let go while I'm injured like this. Perhaps you know someone else who could help?
Do you see that statue above the waterfall? The one covered in vines and moss? Now, if you could repair and clear that up...
Hmph. Not bad. It looks almost as good as it did before the storm, I'd say.
... They won't zap anyone. But those big, shiny eyes were built to symbolize our first Chief watching over the jungle. She was a wise leader.
... Feh. Wise or not, I think you've finally earned my trust. Very well, then. Let's work on reconstructing Mystic Jungle... together.
Now wait a moment, Missy! Were you planning on painting my jungle without telling me about it? I'll have you know there's a steep fine for vandalism around here -
Is that so? Feh. I'll believe it when I see it. Very well, carry on... But if that Neohome doesn't look good, the fine is...
Er... yes. I suppose this home fits in quite nicely now. It almost looks like the house I grew up in... Very well. It's not that I don't trust you, Miss Criggle-
I'm just not sure you're up to the task of rebuilding my entire city... Though I am willing to let you try. But you only have one chance, you hear me?
Troubling news. On my way up here to check out the Power Gem, I saw something shuffling about in the shadow of the Negg Tree. It soundfed like someone trying to bury something. They ran as soon as they saw me. I tried to chase them down, but... well, let's just say the old wing was acting up. Whoever it was, they're long gone. But I wonder if there's any clue to their identity at the Negg Tree...
Hrm. This is... a Compass? It's completely waterlogged. I'm not sure this could point us to any... Actually, this might be helpful. I have a feeling I know where this came from. Come down to the Coastline. I'll show you when we get there.
This is it, I'm sure. That Compass you found was dripping wet and covered in a certain kind of moss that only grows behind this waterfall. See, there's a Secret Cave back here - a damp, mossy cave - but it's difficult and dangerous to traverse. I thought the storm would have made it worse, but... It seems there have been some unwanted visitors hiding out in it. I'd like your help constructing a safe passage to the Secret Cave so we can chase them out.
It's strange seeing Ariel working on her crazy contraptions. I remember when she was just a little kid, falling asleep in school...
Now that we can get into that cave, let's chase out that troublemaker. They'll regret sneaking around my jungle! ... There doesn't seem to be anybody here. But look... swords, maps, a skull and crossbones flag... There's no doubt in my mind; there are pirates hiding in my jungle. But why? What could they possibly be up to? There's nothing left to pilfer here after the storm destroyed everything. Unless...
While you were building, I checked the Cenote for hidden nooks and crannies where pirates could be hiding. Unfortunately, there weren't any, but I found something else... A Negg Tree sapling! We haven't had one in generations. With another Negg Tree, we could do so much to help displaced Dacardians. Feed them, make them decorations, build homes... However... I am worried about it. It seems to be quite weak. To be honest, I'm not sure how it survived the storm. I wonder if we could make some medicine using Bloomin' Neggs...
Those Neggs should be just enough for us to start brewing some Medicine.
Bloomin' Neggs have traditionally been used in healing potions and tinctures. Out of all the resources we've used to make medicine, they have been the most effective. All you need to do now is use them in combination with some other resources to create Medicine. That shouldn't be a problem for you; I've seen how crafty you are.
That's some powerful-looking medicine you have there. Maybe too powerful... You should probably use it on my wing instead. Hoh hoh! Only joking. Let's see... A little bit here... rub a little there... and done. The Sapling already looks better. We're well on our way to having a happy, healthy tree. And a happy, healthy jungle. ... *Sigh.* I feel as if I must apologize. I've been a stubborn old Eyrie, but you and Lania have helped in spite of it. For that, I can never thank you enough. We're lucky to have you.
Coming in here without even a pair of Scissors... Feh. It's not like they're hard to obtain; anyone could collect and craft a pair of Daggers...
I know what it seems like. How could a broken wing stop me from working? What am I, made of fluff? Normally, I would agree with you. But do you have any idea how much an Eyrie uses his wings? I can't build a Camp like this.
Not to brag, but creative uses for Neggs is a secret that has never left our islands. If you can restore the Negg Tree, I could ever show you how to make the perfect Negg Omelette. Ahem. After the reconstruction of my home, I mean. I don't need that Lutari giving me an earful about my work ethic.
I never claimed to be an expert, but I always did like the look of Jungle Springs...
At last, a decent seat to... Ah, I mean... it looks sturdy enough. Thank you. Now let's find somewhere to place that Jungle Chair. You may place that Jungle Chair wherever you like, of course, but I won't deny I'd really appreciate it right here in my Campsite... for easy access, you know.
There's no rush for you to place your Jungle Chair... I just wish my old bones knew that, too.
Ahhhhh... That's so much better. I feel like a whole new Eyrie!
Mm... comfortable as this chair is, it's not quite big enough for me to lie back on and really relax. It doesn't even recline! Not that I expect a wooden chair to, but... Perhaps a footstool of some sort, so I can stretch my paws out. I think you can make one with some Wood Planks.
I've made Steeping Stools with Wood Planks before, I'd make one myself now, of course, but...
Hoh hoh! I don't suppose that Stepping Stool is for me, is it?
I suggest you place that Stepping Stool over by the Jungle Chair. Although if you wanted, I suppose I can't stop you from putting it somewhere else... No matter where you put that Stepping Stool down, someone is going to be able to use it. I would just... prefer if it was me.
Ah... now to really relax!
Ah... I feel much better. Now that my aches and pains have subsided some, I can focus on getting back to helping Mystic Village. Taking a break got me thinking... The Neopets here are working tirelessly to help you gather resources, right? The least we can do is provide them a rest area. Let's start with a Picnic Table. Good for meeting old friends, making new ones... and for sharing a good meal.
Once that Picnic Table you're working on is finished, maybe I should invite some of the residents of Mystic Village to one big picnic... I can even supply the food.
Well... it's not bad. But I think it could still use a little something. A touch more flavor, if you will.
Don't get me wrong - the table is fine, but it hardly looks inviting. I don't know about you, but I certainly like my relaxation spots to look the part. It needs a Table Cloth. If you can craft a Table Cloth, add it to your Picnic Table to make a proper Party Table. Then the Neopets around here will really be able to enjoy it.
Even if you don't have a recipe, you should be able to find a way to make a Party Table in the Antiquity-Fixity.
Much better! Just looking at that fine Party Table makes me want to sit down, call up an old friend, and have a chat over a nice, hot lunch.
I know when I settle in for a picnic, I like to enjoy the sunshine. I have a friend who prefers sitting in the shade, though... Hoh hoh. If he were here right now, maybe you could settle our debate once and for all! Oh well. For now, we just need to find a good spot to place the Party Table. Now, where would be a good spot for a picnic? Perhaps somewhere with a good mix of sun and shade... or by the coast... Hrm. I'll let you decide the specifics.
Look at that! The perfect place for friends to gather and share a meal together. In fact, let's have a cookout! Or a barbecue! I'll start up the grill...
Urgh... I may have gotten carried away in my excitement to cook for our picnic. I seem to have strained something... I don't suppose you could help an old Eyrie out one more time and craft a Jungle Couch, could you? Something nice and comfy for me... and others, later.
Oh, to be young again... I used to be able to fly circles around the whole blasted island, and now I can't even run up some stairs without overdoing it! Hmph. Well, a leader must depend on his people as they depend on him, I suppose... much as I hate to admit it. And I really must depend on you for that Jungle Couch right now.
That structure! That colour! Why, that might be the finest show of craftmanship you've shown yet.
I've been thinking... I'm not the only one around here who gets tired. It might be nice to furnish more of the jungle with rest spots for when our friends need a break. A few chair here, a few tables there... maybe some flowers to add to the scenery. Ahh, but I'm getting ahead of myself. We should start with what we already have: the Jungle Couch. You've proven your sense of style before, so I trust you'll place the Jungle Couch somewhere suitably comfortable... and scenic, as well.
Magnificent. I'll just take a quick little rest on here... Ohh, yeah. That's the stuff. Ahh... I must say, I'm impressed. You've managed to create some good rest spots for us. And yes, I do mean us - I don't plan to be a greedy Grackle Bug and keep this couch to myself! You have my sincerest thanks. And don't forget: you can always move this furniture around, remove it, or add new decorations. We'll all appreciate any decisions you make.
I was wondering when you'd return. I've found something...
Blueprints? Feh. I don't know anything about blueprints. Ask Lania. I have something more important to deal with right now. I found a Piece of a Treasure Map floating in the river. I'm sure it belongs to pirates, but I don't know where it leads. The other pieces are missing. You might have better luck finding them, what with your lack of broken wings...
I don't know where the other Map Pieces could have gone. I would guess the Cenote, but maybe some of the pieces made it outside of the jungle, too. There are a lot of underground rivers in Mystic Jungle, all connected to the Cenote. They could have carried the Map Pieces anywhere. I'd check other regions as well. Once you have all the pieces, it would be wise to try examining them together.
Let me take a look at that map...
It's not finished. It's missing a legend. I don't think we'll be able to decipher anything here without one.
Thank you for clearing things up around here. There's much more space for me to work now. So if you'll pardon me a moment... And... there. Finished. It looks like this is a map that leads to Crystal Keys that will unlock a treasure hidden deep in the mountain. Each one is located in a different region on the island. You'll have to explore the jungle and the plateau further if you want to find them.

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Prior to becoming Chief, Honcho was a teacher. He tought Ariel, among others.

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