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Skippi is a reporter for the Neopian Times, who launched her career writing bylines for Gormball Tournaments. As a punishment, her editor sent her to Dacardia to investigate the storm that destroyed the island.


A-ha! My keen journalist eye deduces that you must be the new town Planner. Skippi Snips, journalist extraordinaire. Here for all your storm story-sleuthing needs! I'm here to investigate the destruction. Who could have caused the storm? Why? Enquiring Neopians need to know. And we can start... right at that field over there! There's dirt in that dirt. And I bet that old Scare-Crokabek knows something, too. We can fix the field by tapping that big red machine and using the Crokabek Field blueprints.
Not bad, my friend. Not bad at all. I can see what all the buzzity-buzz about this new Town Planner is about now. Let's get to Crokabek Field and start rooting around for some clues!
Fixing up the Field was just step one in the investigation process. We've still got evidence to unearth, clues to collect, and puzzles to pick apart. I'm gonna start with the Scare-Crokabek. While I interrogate them, tap on Crokabek Field to gather evidence. Keep an eye out for anything strange!
The Scare-Crokabek was a dead end. At first I was mad they refused to talk, but then I realized they didn't have a mouth. And then I realized they didn't have eyes, either... But let's take a look at what you found. Hm... a Wood Carving, huh? That's not your everyday garden-variety garden find. But what could it mean? I have a hunch we're still missing a bunch of pieces of this puzzle. We'll have to continue our investigation elsewhere, but in the meantime, let's hold on to this valuable clue.
Have a look at that mess of rubble and broken wood over there by the coast. With my professional deduction skills, I've, uh... deduced... that it used to be a Wharf. I can tell by all the wooden debris. And also a local witness told me so. She said she heard strange noises coming from around there, too... Even over the wind and rain and thunder. My gut is telling me there's some evidence there just waiting to be discovered. Can you rebuild Enigma Wharf for me to check it out?
Fabulous! Now that Enigma Wharf is up and running, let's see if we can fish up some clues.
Something fishy is definately going on at this Wharf, and it's not just the rotten Rockfish. But I'm going to need something to scoop up clues with to find out. Oh, I know. What if we used some Spyder Webs to craft a tool? There are lots around here. Too many, actually. It's giving me the Breebly-Jeeblies. But a good journalist doesn't let fear get in the way of her scoop! Especially when she has someone to help keep her safe by tapping on the Wharf to gather Spyder Webs for her...
Way to make a splash! That Spyder Web is just what we need for crafting a new tool. Now let's just make sure there aren't any Spyders trying to stow away with us... Whew! All clear. Now, where was that Workshop again...?
The Workshop is the perfect place to whip up some handy investigation tools. Let's see what you can make with that web! The recipe should be all ready to go, so just head into the Workshop. Tap on the recipe book, then tap on the Net icon and the Build button. Then you'll have netted yourself a Net!
Excellent! Now that we have a Spyder-Web Net, we can check the water by the Wharf for clues. Meet me back at Enigma Wharf so we can net this investigation started!
It's time to find out what those strange, non-stormy noises were. I'll bet it was our culprit, looking to dispose of some evidence... This is a big wharf, so I think we should split up to look for clues. I'll check over on this side, so can you go look over there? Tap on Enigma Wharf and gather anything that seems suspicious. And don't forget to use your Spyder-Web Net! I'm counting on you.
I know that look. That's the look of a super-sleuth with a slick new clue! All right then, let's take a peak... A Raygun! That has to mean there's a villain on the island, right? What kind of villain would just leave a dangerous weapon like this lying around? This is excellent - another ray of hope in the face of an impossible mystery, bringing us one step closer to catching our culprit.
You're just in time! I've been doing some digging - literally - and I think I'm onto something. I analyzed some suspicious footprints leading to and from the Beach, and... They seemed to be one piece of evidence lighter when they left! ...What? Don't look at me like that. I can't leave any lead unfollowed or any footprint unexamined! But the trail's gone cold in the ruins of the storm. Can you please rebuild Secret Beach for me so we can continue the investigation?
Beach: built. Now we can put the results of my footprint analysis to the test. We'll turn the tides of this case yet!
There's something shifty about this sandy beach. I'm willing to bet that there are some clues buried around here somewhere... But if we're gonna do some digging, then we need the right tool. Do you think you could gather some Seaweed? I know how that sounds, but trust me.
Great! Now we're gonna have to craft something with that. Do you know if there's a Workshop around here?
Ah, the smell of wood shavings and fresh paint... I love the Workshop! That Seaweed you found should be perfect for crafting. We'll just have to weed out another resource to combine it with... I'm sure the recipe book will have just the solution for us! Tap on it, then tap on the tool you want to make. Just make sure it uses Seaweed.
A Basket! Unbe-weave-able! That's exactly what we need. Time to skippidy-skip back to Secret Beach to get this investigation back under-wave.
I want to know what caused this storm. No doubt it was a nerarious villain... But what was their weapon of choice? An intricate device, perhaps? An ancient spell? Or maybe an ancient intricate spell device! Whatever it was, I bet a clue is hidden on this very Beach. Let's get looking. Make sure you use your Basket!
No luck on my end. What about you? Can I see what you've found? Wait, no, let me guess! Was it a machine? A weapon? A mask? A super-villain utility-belt?! Oh, it's... a Sea Shell? A-ha! I knew it! To the untrained, non-journalist eye, it may LOOK like a normal Sea Shell, but we know better, don't we? I'm getting closer to the truth, I can feel it. With clues like this, we're one step closer to cracking this case like a clam on a Lutati's belly!
Curious about the cliff over there? No need to answer; I can tell you are. You must have a good eye for mystery, because it's a treasure trove of clues. Or it will be. An anonymous tip told me that before the storm hit, they saw a shadowy figure going into Mysterious Mine late at night. Of course, it was dark, but... A tip is a tip! Mysterious Mine is going to need some mys-serious repairs before we can investigate it, though. Do you think you could rebuild it using the Crabulator's blueprints?
Ore-right! The Mine is once again open for operation. I'm ready to strike gold with all the evidence waiting for us!
Make no mistake, there's nothing minor about this mine. There are tons of clues in there to dig up and pick apart. I know it! But we'll need a tool to do it. It's so cold in there, though... and I didn't bring a jacket. I know, right? Every big-time reporter should have a cool leather jacket. Take it up with my editor. So do you think you could look around in the Mine for something useful to craft tools with? I think Rocks will probably work. Tap Mysterious Mine to gather some.
You rock! Now we're just gotta go to the Workshop and craft those Rocks into something useful.
After lots of careful background research, I've deduced that the best thing to help us advance our investigation is... a new tool. And where better to craft one than the Workshop? There must be a recipe inside for a tool that uses Rocks... maybe something that combines them with Bamboo?
You nailed it! A Hammer is the perfect tool for the job. Those clues are as good as mine.
What sort of dark, mysterious villain could have been lurking in this cave? There's got to be something inside that will tell us. Some key clue to unlock this case... With that Hammer, we'll be able to break down the Mine's dark, sordid story in no time. Tap on Mysterious Mine to search it, then select something strange, and get gatherin'!
No wonder it was so cold in there, it was full of suspicious-looking Ice! And yes, it is definately suspicious. It may look like just regular cave Ice, but a good journalist never judges a newspaper by its headline. I think I might be on the verge of having a suspect...
Thanks for all your help gathering evidence earlier. I've been thinking hard about what all those clues could mean... But I realized I couldn't just think, I had to visualize! I need space to lay out all the evidence and rearrange it so it makes sense. Plus a place to write my articles... like an office! My editor even gave me some blueprints for one. So in the name of truth, justice, and knowledge... could you please build me a Neopian Times Outpost?
Wowee! Compared to the rickety old office back home, this place is the Bubblebee's knees! My editor is gonna be so jealous. But don't tell anyone I said that. Right then! Let's skip right to piecing together those pesky puzzle pieces.
This case has really been jumbling my puzzle-muscles. There are just so many possibilities! Who could've done it, and how? Why did they do it? What did they have for breakfast? But I think for now maybe we should just focus on the "who." Why don't you take a crack at it while I try and straighten out my thoughts? All the evidence we've gathered should be on the board in the Neopian Times Outpost. Just tap and draw lines between the evidence items to make connections.
Hm... If that evidence points to that, and this one goes there, then... A-HA! I think I get it. It all makes perfect sense now! There's only one chilly villain who could have caused that storm. All I have to do now is write up my article, and BAM! Case closed. This might just be some of the savviest sleuthing I've ever seen. I'm impressed! Are you sure you wouldn't rather be a detective than a Town Planner?
Just putting the finishing touches on that article. It's the scoop of the century, so I want to make sure I'm doing the story justice! Just one more dramatically placed comma, and... there we go! Hot off the presses, the latest edition of the Neopian Times!
What do you think? Perfectly illustrates all the great work we did, doesn't it? I'm going to make a few more copies and hand them out to the rest of the town. Just remember. We may be done investigating the storm, but there are always more mysteries out there... so stay alert!
Oh, you're back! I was just thinking about what a great, wonderful, amazing job we did investigating the storm together. And how the article I wrote is air-tight and flawless! Yup, there's no way anyone BUT Lady Frostbite could have done it. So, since there's nothing left to investigate, I've decided to focus on my side-job: painting! I know, why would a reporter need a side-gig? Well... journalism doesn't pay what it used to, sadly. Oh well! I just need a Paint Shop to get started. Can you build one for me?
Wow, it's beautiful! Everything I could have wanted out of a paint shop and more.
I still think solving the mystery of the storm was vital to helping Dacardia, but now that I have this Paint Shop I think I can help in other ways, too. Like with paint! This isn't your everyday magic paint, either. We can change the appearances of Neohomes, clothing, and even our friends! But we'll need special Essences. You can craft some by combining resources in my Paint Shop. Try making one of my favourites! Mix some Straw and a Berry, then combine what you get with a Blank Paint Brush.
Nothing makes Neopets or Crabby-bots smile like new paint.
Berry nice! You've got the same knack for this that I do, huh? It's weird, but I never thought I'd be much good at mixing paint. Mysteries are more my jam. In any case, we're not done yet. Just having paint isn't going to be enough. If we want to give Dacardia and its residents some flavor, we actually have to go out and paint!
Sometimes I wonder if maybe giving Neopets a paint bath would make them even happier than just using a Paint Brush, but then I remember the one time I tried that. It wasn't pretty. I ended up chasing down suspicious footprints in my house for DAYS before I realized they were just my own paint-covered feet! Better to just use a brush. Choose the Neopet you want to paint, then tap on the 'Customise' menu. Drag your new Paint Brush to the Neopet, and ta-da! Fancy new colour!
Your friend looks so good I could just eat them up! It looks like that new coat of paint has livened them up, too - I bet they're more excited than ever to help restore Dacardia!
*Sigh* ... I'm so bored. I've hardly had any customers, and we cracked the case way too soon. That's always been my problem - even my editor says that. "Skippi Snips, your deadline's not for another week!" or "Skippi Snips, I can't make Meepits or Feepits of this!" or "Skippi Snips, I'm in the bathroom!" Psh, what does he know? Why did we have to be such darn good detectives? I almost wish there was some new piece of evidence to examine... Like something we could add to Lady Frostbite's Case File.
*Gasp!* Is that more evidence? Jumping JubJubs, do you know what this means? It means... It means my article was complete Blorbis droppings. YES! This is fantastic! I've never been so happy to be wrong, because now we can keep investigating the mystery in the far reaches of Dacardia! I'm going to get to work on a new article to let the Neopets of Dacardia know that there may still be villains out there. Any then I'm getting right back out there to investigate!
I usually solve my cases correctly on the first go, but I guess this time I was just one matrix short of a full printing press. My editor's not gonna be too pleased... But at least we're on the right track! We're going to solve that case and cure my boredom - um, I mean - catch the villain responsible and save Dacardia!
There, all fixed! Now let's continue exploring the region inland and finish our investigation. I can't wait to get to the bottom of this story... all over again!
A-ha! I knew it! My eyewitness was right: there WAS a crash here for me to investigate!
Policy, eh...? Sounds suspicious to me. Mr. Grundo, I'm gonna need a statement. Where were you on the night of the storm? And what are you hiding?
My friend here was approved, right? So they can go right ahead and inspect the Crash Site for evidence while I ask you a few questions...
Nice job snagging a piece of that ship! Now we can... Wait a sec, what's that other piece of metal you have there? It's covered in meteor-dust, just like that piece of Zerix's ship, but... it looks like a totally different material!
Two crashes on the same night, a devastating storm destroying Dacardia, and two different pieces of metal at the site of those crashes...What sort of secrets could these two space metals reveal to us? And what is Zerix's involvement in all this? Only a side-by-side analysis will reveal the secrets we seek!
Well, those two metal pieces are definitely not from the same spaceship. One of them might not even be a spaceship at all. Wait a second, that's it! Don't you think it's too much of a coincidence that a meteor just so happened to hit Dacardia during an "unnatural" storm? That metal piece and the meteor must have something to do with the storm! We'll have to keep an eye out for more clues, though...

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As journalism doesn't pay well, Skippi has set up a painting business on the side.

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