The Book of Ages

Antiquity-Fixity Shopkeeper


This Lenny used to run the Antiquity-Fixity on Dacardia, a shop devoted to creating decorations to spruce up the island.


I once made a Birdhouse out of Feathers and Driftwood! Couldn't fit in it myself, though.
I used to be a flag-twirler in a marching band when I was a little Lenny. Now I make the flags!
Sometimes adding a resource to a decoration you've already got can make it even niftier!
No, you can't use my Feathers for your Birdhouses! Try Crokabek Field instead.
I saw a Neopet drink out of a Coconut using a Bamboo straw... that gives me an idea for a decoration! And my next vacation.
Even fresh out of the egg, I used to tinker with all sorts of decorations. I wrote some old recipes in that book.
You got any Vines? I hear you can make some nice Fences with them.
That Purple Crystal you got sure is pretty. Might make a nice light fixture...
Green Ooze? What a crazy thing to craft with! I think I saw some by the Crash Site...
Fire and Soft Metal... Seems to me you got the ingredients for Dacardia's hottest decorations!

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During beta, the Lenny was replaced with a Crabby Bot.

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