The Book of Ages

Doctor Ariel Celandine


Ariel is a scientist born and raised on Dacardia, with expertise in many different fields. She is most interested in using the power of Dacardite, an energy crystal found on the island. She has problems staying awake, needing large amounts of coffee.


ZzZz... Temperature levels low... Dacardite readings depleted... Zzz... Power Plant... *Snort!* Huh? Oh! Whoops, must have fallen asleep. Greetings! Are you our new Town Planner? Pleased to meet you. I'm Doctor Ariel Celandine, PhD, Dacardia's premier engineer. I'm just looking for a place to rebuild my Power Plant. It uses Dacardite to... Um, I'll explain later. Would you mind helping plan a place to put the Power Plant? Your builder friend has the blueprints. She put them in her Crabby machine.
Thank you for rebuilding the Power Plant! Now that we can harness Dacardite energy again, we... Wait, have you heard of Dacardite before? It's a very rare and powerful energy crystal only found here in Dacardia. It can power the whole island! In fact, the Power Plant... *YAAAWN!* ... Sorry. We may have to cut the explanation. I'm tired from staying up all night and not having my morning coffees. Maybe I'll just demonstrate how it works instead.
The Power Plant is where Dacardians come to recycle their old, useless resources into Power Neggs, which we use as a way to power and use amenities. How, you may ask? Heh heh! It's easy as 3.14159. If you feed it a resource, it'll eat it right up... then use Dacardite to convert it into the Power Neggs and spit some out for you. Go on, test it out. Just tap the Power Plant and drag some Feathers into one of its cute little mouths. I'm going to... *Yawn!* Wait here while you try it.
ZzzZzz... *Snort!* No, not the peppermint mocha! I mean, um... Yikes, I didn't mean to drift off like that. So sorry. What did I miss? Oh! You got some Power Neggs. Brilliant. Brill-i-ant. Now that I know everything is in floaty-Faerie shape, I can get back to work. If only I had some coffee...
You know... I think the best way to demonstrate the use of Power Neggs is with a little experiment. And my favourite coffee shop, the Dream Bean Cafe, used to be right over there... They had the BEST coffee! I haven't had a good cup in ages, and I'm... *Yawn!* feeling it. I could go for a latte right now... or maybe a mocha? No, espresso con panna... Oh, no, I'm getting sadder by the second just thinking about all the delicious drinks I'm missing out on. Could you please rebuild the Dream Bean Cafe?
The smell of the coffee getting ready to brew is already making me feel better. And I'm sure I'm not the only Neopet that's going to be spending a lot of time here. After all, it's been scientifically proven - by me - that a hot drink increases the likelihood of developing warm, fuzzy feelings. The hotter the drink, the warmer the fuzzies. Here, I'll prove it. Through the power of the scientific method... and my own inventions!
It's nice to treat your friends every now and then. Suggesting a trip to the Dream Bean for a cup of coffee is a good way to do that. There's one little problem, though. No power means no coffee, no sweets, and no smiles. But never fear, we've got the power of... um, Power Neggs on our side! You've got lots of Power Neggs, so send one of your Neopet pals to the Cafe to order a coffee. They can drop off the Neggs and get their well-deserved coffee and a smile in return.
I feel like I just ate about ten trillion Power Neggs. This is the most awake and happy I've felt since before the storm! And look, look! Your Neopet friend is feeling better, too! Anytime you've got a friend feeling down, you should suggest a trip to an amenity. There are lots of different kinds, so you can send lots of pets off for a fun day all at once! Or, um, there will be lots of different kinds. They've kind of all been destroyed. Guess it's up to you and Lania to build them all back up, huh?
I've found the perfect way to contribute to the restoration of Dacardia with my Power Plant. I've taken what I love and what I'm good at and put it to good use. Your Shoyru friend and I have been talking, and they want to do the same! Only they don't know how to contribute yet. They haven't really found their calling the same way I have... But I've seen them zipping around town, quicker than caffeine. I wonder if that means they'll be able to gather certain resources, like Coconuts, faster than other Neopets...?
Gotta... stay awake until they come back... *Yawn!* I'm so sleepy, though... ZzZzz... Wah! Oops, dozed off for a second there... I mean - I wasn't napping! I didn't have enough time to, anyway. You two came back so quickly. Which must mean... you figured out your Shoyru pal's special talent! Hah hah, I can tell by the big smile on their face. They're so proud of themself!
You know, the more I talk to your Shoyru pal, the more I learn about them. Turns out they're also a bit of a night-Whoot. They feel most comfortable in dark places. If they're anything like me, that means they'll get energized by working in dark places. If I keep all the lights off in my lab, I... well, I fall asleep, but I also get a lot done! Try sending them to the Mine. If our hypothesis is correct, they'll be in a good mood even after they finish gathering resources!
It worked! They seem to still be full of energy after gathering in the Mine. Not only that, but they're still just as energetic as ever! I think we've done it. We've helped our Shoyru buddy find their true calling. And I'm sure we can help many more of our friends in the same way, too!
I know, I know! But this really will help. It's a Trading Stall, one of my favourite places to get new resources to mix into my coffee!
Precisely! More diverse resources also means more things to use in my experiments, and more places for you and your Neopet pals to visit.
Upon examination, it looks... amazing! I can safely say I am suitably impressed. And you built it so fast, too...
But think how fast you would be if you DID have coffee! Come on, my treat. It's the least I could do after all your help.
Things have sure been interesting since Lania and Skippi got here. It's too bad they don't get along, it could be comedy hour every hour if they did!
I spoke with Lania earlier. She has the blueprints for the Power Plant already; I think she put them in the... the... Oh no, I must have dozed off when she was telling me what it was called. The Crabulatron? Was that it?
*Yawn!* So... sleepy... But I've got to stay awake! We... ZzZzZz... Gotta feed... Zzz... Feathers to the Power Plant... ZzZz... Make sure it works...
I know Power Neggs look like tasty treats, but they work differently here than in the rest of Neopia. They're specifically for cheering your pets up. Everyone's got to take time to relax and put up their paws. Catch a show, grab a coffee... Oh, what I wouldn't do for a coffee right now... Please hurry and get the Dream Bean blueprints from the Crabulator!
Just tap on the Dream Bean and choose which pet you want to treat. If you need Power Neggs, feel free to go back and feed my Power Plant again. In the meantime... I'm going to get myself a drink! Here I come at last, quadruple shot butterscotch latte!
According to my research, some items have certain attributes thast make them easier to gather for some pets. Coconuts seem to be easier for agile pets... I think it's possible that's where your Shoyru friend's special talents lie. They're really fast, so them might be able to gather Coconuts more efficiently.
Mysterious Mine is the darkest place I can think of. Try sending your Shoyru pal there to see how gathering in it affects their mood!
I've been inspecting the Crystal Geyser for abnormalities caused by Zerix's crash, and the abnormality reads are off the charts! The unusual, oddity, AND catastrophe charts! There's a massive network of Dacardite beneath the island that was disturbed during impact, and now all the pressure building up could cause an explosion. That's where these geysers come in: pressure vents. Or they would if the storm hadn't plugged them up worse than a Moehog with a cold. Do you think you could unblock them?
Steam buildup levels back to normal... energy flow speedy... water glowing the right amount... explusion pressure regular. Everything seems to be right as rhodonite! But still, after all that excitement I'm ready for a nap. *Yawn...* But not yet. I've still got more to inspect regarding that crash-landing...
I'm interested in the substance that fuels Zerix's ship. I've never seen anything like it before, so I want to assess its properties. Toxicity levels, energy output, texture, taste... I've tried gathering samples of the Ooze at the Crash Site, but no equipment I own has been able to withstand contact with it. But maybe I just need a stronger tool... Is it possible that compounding and infusing a tool with Crystal Shards will fortify it enough so it can take a nice, hot acid bath without turning into slurpy-sticky Ooze...?
Is that a Crystal Bucket? Genius-level thinking! This could very well be the solution.
With that Crystal Bucket, we should be able to... *Yawn!* To... gather... Whoa! Whoops. Almost dozed off there... What was I saying? Oh, yes. Please gather an Ooze sample from the Crash Site.
So... sleepy... *Yawn!* It's a good thing you gathered that so quickly, or I might have ended up just falling asleep right here! Now I can properly examine the Ooze and see if it will work as an alternative energy source... What? I know I'm already a scientist, engineer, and botanist, but you can never have your mandibles in too many Marshamallow Roast Coffees.
Oh no, look! There's been a landslide! I don't know if it was caused by the storm or by the meteor or Zerix's ship, but it's extremely urgent we clear it up! Beneath this pile of rubble and derbis is a path leading down the Cliffside to the coastline, which has served as a nature reserve. Shifting seismology, increased water traffic, and Petpet-poaching caused... Oh, what am I doing rambling at a time like this? Hurry! We need to clear out the Cliffside path!
The path is clear. No time to waste; let's check the damages.
Oh, no... the Sanctuary is a disaster. All the beautiful flora... they're all... gone. I used to spend a lot of time here growing up, tending to the plants and playing in the caves. To be perfectly honest, it's what made me want to be a scientist in the first place. Oh, litterbugs, I wish Lania were here... the two of you together could probably fix the Cliffside Sanctuary in no time, and then maybe all the plants can regrow...
Well... it's not exactly back to normal yet, but it's a start. With a little love and care and science, maybe we can regrow everything. At least... I hope so. I really... *Sniff.* No. No time for tears. This is going to work! We're going to save the Sanctuary and make it just as beautiful as it ever was!
Hm... If that piece is broken there, and can't connect here... But moving that would block the water... and then... Oh, litterbugs, that's never going to work...
Aah! Please don't sneak up on me while I'm working; I could set off a Dacardite explosion! I'm trying to fix up this Dacardite Power Gem. It powers the entire jungle, but... It got all cracked and chipped in the storm and doesn't seem to be working. All fritz, no fire. And no power for the Neopets here! But it's gotta be fixable, right? Right?!
Hm... looks right to me. Nice and shiny, not a scratch in sight. Good and glowy, too! If you'll pardon the overly-scientific term. Yes, 'glowy' is a valid form of measurement when it comes to energy. If you don't believe me, I can direct you to an excellent paper on the topic. By me, of course. Hey, when you're the leading expert in a scientific field, you're allowed to make up words and terms of measurement! Oh, maybe I should have called power units 'Ariels' instead...
Looks as if everything is in order... but we might have to put our hypothesis to the test with a little experiment.
Didn't I tell you? There's a chance that the power backs up and explodes. Boom! Big, BIG boom! But don't worry, I checked the math. And the physics. And the math in the physics.
Oh, don't be like that. It'll be fine. All we have to do is build an amenity to test it. It's okay, I know... *yawn* ... you can do it. I'll just take a nap while you work, though...
Zzzz... ZzzZzZz... *Snort!* Huh? Oh, of course. That's exactly right. It's even the next step in the official Celandine Scientific Method! I'll just... stay here to observe the Power Gem though... Zzzz...
That's impossible. I double- and triple-checked the math. AND the physics! The storm must have damaged it worse than I thought. But I HAVE been working on a new design... It might be dangerous, though. You fixed the gem, but changing its structure could end up rerouting the entire system and blowing it up. BLAM! Boom! Power Gem gone! ... But you know what? You can't brew coffee without breaking some beans. Fyora knows I've had my fair share of experiments blow up in my face, but I've always fixed them! I like this attitude! ... But we will stand far away when the Crabbies upgrade the Power Gem, yes?
I think so! The water is flowing, the canals have all lit up, and the Power Gem is glowier than ever before. I think it's safe to say we did it!
Now for a test. Just send a Neopet to the Conservatory and see if it works this time.
Nope. If anything is going to explode, it'll be the Power Gem. We're the ones who will need to watch out. But it's okay, I brought an umbrella to shield against the debris.
It worked! I saw your friend walk by just now with the biggest smile on their face. Whew! I was actually pretty nervous. And let me tell ya, coffee's got nothing on nerves! Now I can try and draft up an even BETTER system... but first, a trip to the Dream Bean! I think six or seven shots of espresso should keep me going...
Maybe I can help with that? I had a little bit of spare time between coffee breaks today, so I decided to do some research into early uses of Dacardite. I found something I think you'll like: blueprints! I'm not sure what they're for, since the design seems to be for something that wasn't around before the storm hit. A hidden monument of some sort...
I wish I was strong and dextrous enough to lift out whatever's blocking the Geyser, but the heaviest thing I've ever lifted was my botany textbook. It was more than three thousand pages, AND hardcover! Sure hurt when I dropped it on my second-left foot. Er... anyway... please hurry up and unblock the Geyser.
Usually a simple Bucket does the trick when it comes to scooping up samples, but the ones I've been using can't seem to stand the acidity. I wonder if a stronger Bucket would work?
Zzz... Gotta get... that sample... ZzZzZz... *Snort!* Wha! What's going on? Did you gather the Ooze yet?
I hope the storm didn't hurt the wildlife... But there's only one way to find out. Let's clear the Cliffside as quickly as possible. Do you have the proper tools and blueprints?
We should repair the damages here using the Crabulator's blueprints. After that we can think about re-growing the plants...
If we want to use Radioactive Fertilizer to regrow the Sanctuary plants, we'll need to add something glowy to some regular Fertilizer in the Antiquity-Fixity. But what?
*Yawn* All this science and crafting has tired me out... No! Snap out of it, Ariel, we have more important things to do than nap! Er - sorry about that. I'll need to get myself another coffee. But that can wait for now, since you've brought the Radioactive Fertilizer we need to get this project started!
The climate of Crystal Plateau is a bit odd compared to the rest of Dacardia, so if we're going to grow anything we'll need to make sure there's plenty of shade. Luckily, we can make two lattes with one espresso shot here by planting an Ooze Tree. They'll provide shade and help stimulate the soil for more growth. Like all plants, trees need water to grow. If you start with an Ooze Sapling and add Radioactive Fertilizer to it, you should be able to grow some spectacular Ooze Trees.
Ooh, look at that Ooze Tree you've grown! So glowy, so viscous, so... robust! This will be the perfect starting point for our plant sanctuary.
I love where you've placed the Ooze Tree! Quite the attractive layout... which means we might be able to draw attention to our project and get other Neopets to help out, too!
We won't be able to plant too much directly into the soil right away, but that doesn't mean we can't start getting our plants ready for it. Potted plants are the way to go for that. Let's craft some Coral Flower Pots. You've made Crystal Flower Pots before, right? If you focus a certain type of laser beam on them, they'll transform into cute little coral plants!
The corals in the Coral Flower Pot are red, so you'll probably need a Red Laser Beam to grow them from the Crystal Flower Pot.
Go ahead and place those Coral Flower Pots around the Sanctuary. As long as they're not too far off from the Ooze Trees, they should settle in and grow nicely. And while you do that, I'll just... take a little power nap...
*Yawn* ... Zzzzz... Gotta... place those Coral Flower Pots... Zzz...
Mm... That was a nice little nap. Oh! You're all done placing those flower pots, huh? Spectacular! The Sanctuary is really coming together.
This is such a lovely spot, don't you think? It's great for the flora, and Neopets from all over Dacardia can come here to enjoy the scenery! It could be great for hangouts. We should lean into that and spruce up the scenery. A Dacardian Fountain will be good for drawing our friends' attention, and a working water system will help the plants, too!
If you want to craft a Dacardian Fountain, start with a Mini Dacardian Pool, then add a Light Crater Rock. You know where to get one of those, right?
To think, just a little while ago this place was completely barren... and now with the Dacardian Fountain, we'll almost have an entire ecosystem set up!
We've definitely made some progress with the Cliffside Sanctuary, but it's going to take a lot more planting and cultivating before it's back to the way it used to be. We can start with that Dacardian Fountain, though. I'll be coming by here pretty often, so I can use it to water the plants... and, like I said, it's pretty besides! You can place it wherever you like. Or... 'plant' it wherever you like?
The more we decorate, the more the Sanctuary will grow and flourish, and so will Dacardia as a whole! Plants and decorations really help improve the island. Place the Dacardian Fountain in the Sanctuary. You can start thinking about other plants and decorations to go with it once you're done that.
Ah! Oh, it's beautiful! Everything you've done here is just so... so... *sniff!* I hardly know what to say... But with all the plants and welcoming scenery here, who knows? Maybe this place will re-attract some of its old wildlife. Wouldn't that be amazing? We should try to keep landscaping this area, and others, with more plants and decorations. We could even check the Premium Emporium for some!
Um... I'm right here.
I know who you are, Skippi! And I don't know where the missing blueprints could be, but it is possible my research notes could hold a clue or two... Now where did I leave it? Oh, litterbugs, did I drop them when I was taking a nap on the Beach?
Brilli - wait. You didn't re-read them, did you? Or see any of the, um, doodles? I'll do it! Ahem. "The Great Dacardian Monument is meant to represent the entirety of the province, and legends say that each region has made its own contribution to its design."
It looks so much better now! And - look!
A Crystal Keystone! And some blueprints! Skippi, I think this is exactly what you and Lania have been looking for!
I can do it. I need to stop by the Dream Bean again anyway.
That's why I'm here, actually! We found another blueprint in the Mystic Jungle's Hissi Statue. I think it might be exactly what you need.

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