The Book of Ages

Doctor Ariel Celandine


Ariel is a scientist born and raised on Dacardia, with expertise in many different fields. She is most interested in using the power of Dacardite, an energy crystal found on the island. She has problems staying awake, needing large amounts of coffee.


ZzZz... Temperature levels low... Dacardite readings depleted... Zzz... Power Plant... *Snort!* Huh? Oh! Whoops, must have fallen asleep. Greetings! Are you our new Town Planner? Pleased to meet you. I'm Doctor Ariel Celandine, PhD, Dacardia's premier engineer. I'm just looking for a place to rebuild my Power Plant. It uses Dacardite to... Um, I'll explain later. Would you mind helping plan a place to put the Power Plant? Your builder friend has the blueprints. She put them in her Crabby machine.
Thank you for rebuilding the Power Plant! Now that we can harness Dacardite energy again, we... Wait, have you heard of Dacardite before? It's a very rare and powerful energy crystal only found here in Dacardia. It can power the whole island! In fact, the Power Plant... *YAAAWN!* ... Sorry. We may have to cut the explanation. I'm tired from staying up all night and not having my morning coffees. Maybe I'll just demonstrate how it works instead.
The Power Plant is where Dacardians come to recycle their old, useless resources into Power Neggs, which we use as a way to power and use amenities. How, you may ask? Heh heh! It's easy as 3.14159. If you feed it a resource, it'll eat it right up... then use Dacardite to convert it into the Power Neggs and spit some out for you. Go on, test it out. Just tap the Power Plant and drag some Feathers into one of its cute little mouths. I'm going to... *Yawn!* Wait here while you try it.
ZzzZzz... *Snort!* No, not the peppermint mocha! I mean, um... Yikes, I didn't mean to drift off like that. So sorry. What did I miss? Oh! You got some Power Neggs. Brilliant. Brill-i-ant. Now that I know everything is in floaty-Faerie shape, I can get back to work. If only I had some coffee...
You know... I think the best way to demonstrate the use of Power Neggs is with a little experiment. And my favourite coffee shop, the Dream Bean Cafe, used to be right over there... They had the BEST coffee! I haven't had a good cup in ages, and I'm... *Yawn!* feeling it. I could go for a latte right now... or maybe a mocha? No, espresso con panna... Oh, no, I'm getting sadder by the second just thinking about all the delicious drinks I'm missing out on. Could you please rebuild the Dream Bean Cafe?
The smell of the coffee getting ready to brew is already making me feel better. And I'm sure I'm not the only Neopet that's going to be spending a lot of time here. After all, it's been scientifically proven - by me - that a hot drink increases the likelihood of developing warm, fuzzy feelings. The hotter the drink, the warmer the fuzzies. Here, I'll prove it. Through the power of the scientific method... and my own inventions!
It's nice to treat your friends every now and then. Suggesting a trip to the Dream Bean for a cup of coffee is a good way to do that. There's one little problem, though. No power means no coffee, no sweets, and no smiles. But never fear, we've got the power of... um, Power Neggs on our side! You've got lots of Power Neggs, so send one of your Neopet pals to the Cafe to order a coffee. They can drop off the Neggs and get their well-deserved coffee and a smile in return.
I feel like I just ate about ten trillion Power Neggs. This is the most awake and happy I've felt since before the storm! And look, look! Your Neopet friend is feeling better, too! Anytime you've got a friend feeling down, you should suggest a trip to an amenity. There are lots of different kinds, so you can send lots of pets off for a fun day all at once! Or, um, there will be lots of different kinds. They've kind of all been destroyed. Guess it's up to you and Lania to build them all back up, huh?
I've found the perfect way to contribute to the restoration of Dacardia with my Power Plant. I've taken what I love and what I'm good at and put it to good use. Your Shoyru friend and I have been talking, and they want to do the same! Only they don't know how to contribute yet. They haven't really found their calling the same way I have... But I've seen them zipping around town, quicker than caffeine. I wonder if that means they'll be able to gather certain resources, like Coconuts, faster than other Neopets...?
Gotta... stay awake until they come back... *Yawn!* I'm so sleepy, though... ZzZzz... Wah! Oops, dozed off for a second there... I mean - I wasn't napping! I didn't have enough time to, anyway. You two came back so quickly. Which must mean... you figured out your Shoyru pal's special talent! Hah hah, I can tell by the big smile on their face. They're so proud of themself!
You know, the more I talk to your Shoyru pal, the more I learn about them. Turns out they're also a bit of a night-Whoot. They feel most comfortable in dark places. If they're anything like me, that means they'll get energized by working in dark places. If I keep all the lights off in my lab, I... well, I fall asleep, but I also get a lot done! Try sending them to the Mine. If our hypothesis is correct, they'll be in a good mood even after they finish gathering resources!
It worked! They seem to still be full of energy after gathering in the Mine. Not only that, but they're still just as energetic as ever! I think we've done it. We've helped our Shoyru buddy find their true calling. And I'm sure we can help many more of our friends in the same way, too!
I know, I know! But this really will help. It's a Trading Stall, one of my favourite places to get new resources to mix into my coffee!
Precisely! More diverse resources also means more things to use in my experiments, and more places for you and your Neopet pals to visit.
Upon examination, it looks... amazing! I can safely say I am suitably impressed. And you built it so fast, too...
But think how fast you would be if you DID have coffee! Come on, my treat. It's the least I could do after all your help.
Things have sure been interesting since Lania and Skippi got here. It's too bad they don't get along, it could be comedy hour every hour if they did!

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Ariel holds multiple PhDs.