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Lania Cragg


Lania is a skilled builder, being involved in the construction of Coltzan's Shrine. She has invented the Crabulator, a machine to quickly fabricate buildings. After the destruction of Dacardia, she arrived on the island to help rebuild.


Hello. Are you the young, fearless Town Planner I have been waiting all this time for? I am Lania Cragg, your forewoman. I am here to help rebuild Dacardia. A terrible storm destroyed this island. But I have the machine that will restore it. Behold, the Crabulator! The finest, crabbiest build-a-tron in all of Neopia. We will use it to give that poor, homeless Shoyru a new place to live. But first, we need my Molten Mixer to make building materials. Tap the Crabulator, it has the blueprints.
What are you waiting for? We need to make the Molten Mixer. It can create building materials for us to make houses with. My Crabulator has the blueprints. That big red machine. It looks like a Crabby. And has a lobster tail... What? Is that so strange?
Ah, there it is. Beautiful, no? New we are on our way to restoring Dacardia. To use the Molten Mixer, first we must gather resources. Our Shoyru friend here has agreed to help us. How noble and kind! The storm destroyed most gather points, but somehow, this farm survived. Whoever built it must have been almost as good as me! But only almost. Straw will be a good first resource to gather. Tap on the Fast-Grass Farm and select Straw. Our new friend will do the rest.
Good. We have a resource. Please follow me to the Molten Mixer to begin.
If we want to build, we must first make building materials. We can do this with the Molten Mixer. It can make materials out of almost any resources. But we do not have "almost any resource." All we have is Straw. So please use that. Tap on the Molten Mixer. Select the Straw. Then drag it over to the Mixer and drop it in. Simple.
This is a good start. All buildings will need to use materials. But for now, we will focus on building our friend a house.
At last, we are ready to build a Neohome for our new friend. We have both the materials and the blueprints. You can get the Dacardian Home blueprints from the Crabulator and place them where you like. Then tap-tap-tap to build!
Sufficient and speedy work. Now that we have given our friend a new home, their tears of sadness have turned to tears of joy. Look! They have given us a gift to say thank you, as well. How thoughtful! And there are so many more Neopets on the island who are in need of homes too... So we will help them all. We will make them all cry! ... With happy tears, of course.
Uh oh. I spy a sneaky journalist Chia sniffing about. She had better not get in the way. I cannot waste time with newspapers. Not when there is still much to finish in this town. Speaking of which, I saw a sign when I came here. But it was broken. I believe it has the town's name on it. If we are to restore the town, we must also restore its name. I already have the Town Sign blueprints in the Crabulator. Please select them and build.
All finished? Yes, I see. It looks like it is all in order. But something is still missing... Ah! Silly Lania. I forgot to tell you that we need to name the town. The locals have asked us to come up with a new one so they can forget this tragedy. Tap the Town Sign to write the town's new name.
I saw you speaking with that reporter. I hope you told her to shoo. I do not have time to waste while there are still homeless Neopets. We must make our building process more efficient. Tools can help us gather better resources. We can make them in the Workshop... Ah. But there is no Workshop to craft tools in, I see. The storm must have destroyed it. But that is okay. I have blueprints for a new one in the Crabulator.
Now we will be able to craft tools. Tools will allow our Neopet friends to gather more strange and useful resources. Unless they are like my old useless crew and leave me alone to run off on a silly adventure! I mean... *Cough!* Never mind. It does not matter.
I have been thinking. While I looked around, I noticed the houses were very plain. Boring. No "oomph." That will not help our Dacardian friends feel better about this tragedy. But we can fix this. We can build a Dacardian Shop to craft pretty decorations. I know they always cheer me up! ... Er. The building of them cheers me, I mean. Ahem. I have the blueprints for the Antiquity-Fixity, the decoration shop, in the Crabulator. You know what to do, yes?
I see you are still as competent as ever. Good. Now we can make the whole town look even better. What? I may be the best builder in all of Neopia, but that does not mean we cannot improve on perfection.
Many Neopets lost their prized possessions in the storm. Like their precious decorations. We cannot give them back. But we can give them new ones. A Bamboo Flag will work nicely. You can make one in the Antiquity-Fixity. Just combine Bamboo and Burlap Cloth.
Sufficient work. This will look most pleasing on display in the town.
Decorating Dacardia will make everything feel cosier. The Neopets living here will surely feel more at home once we place our decorations. Since you just made a Bamboo Flag, you can start with that. I will let you choose where to put it. I am only a builder - you are the planner.
The island already looks much nicer. Decorations are great for making your town look pretty and unique.
The water here is so pretty, I wonder if I have time to... Ah! Oh, it is you. I did not see you there. But do not worry; I was not thinking of swimming! We still have much to build. Like somewhere to get food! Yes, I have noticed that many of the Neopets here are walking around with empty bellies. That will not do. But I have the solution: Omelettes! I was once commissioned to build a new Giant Omelette Slab in Tyrannia. That project was scrapped. But I kept the blueprints! And now we can bring them back for Dacardia.
What a tasty-looking building. I am excited to eat. And I am more excited to see our friends enjoy a hot meal. Do you cook? We should make the first meal as a special gift.
*Sniff* ... Ah. What a delicious smell. It is already making me feel better. And I was not even sad in the first place. But I think some of our Neopet friends still are. We should feed them. Hot food always lifts the spirits, after all. To cook, gather food resources, such as seaweed, from places like farms, beaches, and oceans. Then tap on the Omelette Slab, drag your food resources onto it, and voila!
What a fine Omelette. I think our Neopet friends will enjoy it. ... Even if there are not enough peppers.
That was a nice lunch break. But enough sitting around like Slogmoks. If we want to cheer up Dacardians after their loss, we should continue decorating their town. Perhaps we should make a Water Spout. After their lunch, they will need a good drink of water. Please craft one by using the recipe in the Antiquity-Fixity's catalogue.
What a wonderful Water Spout. Now to find the perfect place for it...
Functional and fashionable. The Water Spout is one of my favourite decorations. I even have one in front of my home. I think Dacardians will appreciate it, too. Please open the decoration menu and select the Water Spout. Drag and place it where you think it will look best.
The town now looks much more developed. I think our Neopet friends will agree you have done well.
I have been speaking with some locals. One in particular is quite upset over losing their prized garden in the storm. Luckily, I have an idea to help. We should make them a Flower Pot. Who does not like flowers? ... Besides me, of course. I am more of an iron-and-rivets kind of Lutari. The recipe for Flower Pots is in the Antiquity-Fixity's catalogue. You will need to collect Rocks and Soil to craft one.
Your craftmanship and your gardening skills are both above average. I sm sure this will look very pleasant in front of a Neopet's new home.
This town looks like it needs some garden variety. That is where you come in, yes? Please find a suitable place for the Flower Pot you just made. That will spruce the place up! Just open up the decorations menu and drag it to where you want it to be displayed.
I am still not so good with plants, but they have started to grow on me. Maybe it is just that you are good at planning. Or planting. Or planning AND planting. I am sure the Neopets living here will agree, though: everything is coming up roses!
Thank you for the blueprints, Miss Ariel. But what is it you are asking me to build now? Not another cafe, I hope. I have already said no to a second one.
Trading, you say? Hm... yes. I can see how that would help. If we can trade with other towns, we can get more diverse resources. Maybe not for coffee, though.
This is also true. Very well. We will build your Trading Stall. Thank you for the blueprints.
Finished! What do you think?
Yes, well, I do not need coffee to build things quickly. I am a professional.
No thank you. We still have things to build. Perhaps another time.
We have managed to build lots of different sorts of buildings already. I think we have done quite well! But we can always improve upon perfection... with upgrades! My Crabby-bots are eagre to apply new additions to buildings. They will not stop beeping and chattering about it. And I agree with them. I am excited to build more, too. Let us begin by upgrading the Crabulator to level two. Tap the decoration button to open the menu. The tap the Crabulator. You can use your Building Materials to upgrade.
Oh! It is... lovely! More magnificent than even I could have dreamed! I am almost moved to tears. But there is not time for me to be sniffing over my pride and joy. Let us put this upgrade to good use. By building, of course!
We have made a good start with this town. But there are many other regions on this island to explore. Many more buildings to build. Many more opportunities to help. I would like to go to these new regions. But I think before we do, I should let you be more creative with your projects. I have pushed you very hard - "Build this, build that!" And we do need to keep building. But it is time I let you decide what to build, craft, and decorate with. And while you do, I will do the paperwork to go to other regions.
You have been busy. I have, too. I wrote many letters and signed many forms. Health forms. Safety forms. And even a poem. It is called "Build." That is also the only word in it. I am sorry to have kept all the fun from you like a greedy Grackle Bug. But you will forgive me when I tell you the good news: a new region has now been cleared of debris! We may now restore this new, unknown land. But before we go, I have a gift for you. It is to say thank you. You do not have to thank me in return... But I will not stop you.
Is that what is making all the smoke? We can fix it for you.
Bah. Do not worry. I took a course on Virtupets spacecraft. So we can repair even the most broken of spaceships. Just watch. And please do not interfere.
Yes. That is what I told you. Now if you will excuse us, we have other places to build. Good day, Mister Noisy Grundo.
Bah. I do not need this title.
I have been hearing some feedback from our Neopet friends. They are pleased with the reconstruction we have done so far, but they are worried Dacardia still feels empty. I think before we move on, we should focus on pleasing our friends. We can make more decorations and upgrade more buildings. As I always say, we can still improve upon perfection!
It is amazing what a few minor improvements can do for morale! Our Neopet friends have been telling me how excited they are by the new improvements you have made. Well done! Now, let us move on to the next area.
Are you finished playing around with that bumbling Grundo? I am worried he will slow us down with his nonsense. We must stay focused. Ah! See? I was so busy thinking about Mister Zerix I almost did not notice this sad, broken Statue. But that can be our next job: repairing the Statue and restoring this park!
A Gnorbu. But he has too many arms. That is not a flaw in my design, though. It must have some meaning. Neopets do not make statues for no reason. Maybe this Gnorbu was a revered figure. I do not know. But I do know this statue is magnificent. And your restoration of it is top-notch.
This area is very empty except for Mister Gnorbu. I think to make it stand out, and to show off our work, we should beautify the park. Please craft and place three Stone Statues. I think adding some Dark Crater Rocks to existing Statues will suffice... There were some near Mister Zerix's ship, were there not?
As always, you planning is sufficient. Now this park looks much nicer. I think it will be a pleasant place for our friends to take walks.

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