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Officer Zerix


Zerix is an Officer in the Virtupets Space Station Security Force. His job is to inspect the safety of unknown objects in space, but during the storm that destroyed Dacardia, his ship crashlanded.


Oogh, what to do, what to do... the captain isn't gonna be happy about this at all... Apologies, citizens! But by order of Officer Zerix of the Virtupets Space Station Security Force, I must ask you to please move along and ignore my crashed spaceship.
Oh no-no-no-no! I must insist you stay away, as it is very unsafe. Section ten, sub-section two, paragraph three of the Space Travel Safety Guidebook clearly states...
Thank you for repairing my ship. If I couldn't get it back home then I would have been in deep, deep, trouble... And you did it with no bumps, bruises, scrapes, or scabs, too! Shooting stars, that was the safest reconstruction of a smoking spaceship I've ever seen.
Okay, bye! No, wait. Before you go, I'd like to appoint you both my Official Unofficial Junior Safety and Security Cadets.
So, Cadet, would you like to help me inspect the safety hazards of that meteor beneath my ship? That's my job, after all: scrutinizing unsafe space oddities! When I first saw this meteorite shoot by, I hopped in my ship and took off in hot pursuit - WHOOSH! ZOOM! PEW PEW PEW! But I got swept up in a strange storm and blown off-course. And then... KRA-KOW! I crash-landed and everything broke., including my tools, which are vital to my mission. But I'm sure we can make new ones with whatever we salvage from the ship!
A Magnet! Nice find. This should be perfect for sweeping over that Crash Site and finding anything unusual.
That Magnet's gonna be helpful, but I don't think it'll be enough to get the job done safely. We're gonna have to craft another thing. Like a tool. How about we make a Magnet Claw? That way we can grab any unsafe stuff from the meteor without having to get close to all the space radiation. You've got a Workshop on this island, right? Head on over there to get crafting. But make sure you don't accidentally hammer your thumb when you make the Magnet Claw!
That's a Magnet Claw all right! It's not as sleek as refined as the ones they give out to real security officers of the VSSSF, but it's more than close enough to work. It's a handy little thing, too. One of the least dangerous ways to collect and gather unusual objects, because you don't have to touch anything yourself! As the Safety Cadet Training Manuel states: "Don't hurt your paw - use a Magnet Claw!"
I know it's a little scary since you've probably never done this before, but that's okay, because Officer Zerix is here to keep you safe. Just head on up to the Crash Site and check for anything unsafe, like broken glass or some rusty metal. I'll be right behind you the whole time, Cadet!
Never take anything from a stranger.
A little slab of metal? It looks like a hinge or something. That doesn't seem so weird. Metal is everywhere on the Space Station, after all... Wait! Did you find that on the meteorite? Metal hinges aren't supposed to be on meteorites! Unless... It was carrying something? Hmm... I don't think space rocks are typically used as transportation, though. It's hardly a safe method without seatbelts.
Investigate? Sorry, my friend, but that's a no-can-do! No unapproved civillians near dangerous spacecraft-crashes unless approved. It's VSSSF Policy. You could get hurt.
Hiding? I'm not hiding anything! I'm just worried for your safety, honest! If you want to investigate, you'll have to get approval or find someone who already has it.

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