The Book of Ages

Workshop Shopkeeper


This old Shoyru used to run the Workshop on Dacardia, that helps the islanders build tools to rebuild their homes.


Good luck gettin' any rare resources without craftin' any tools.
How do you make Sandpaper? Add Sand to some kind of paper, of course.
Now I don't encourage you to go runnin' around with Scissors... but if you need some, make 'em with two Daggers.
I ain't much of a baker, but I know you can use that Straw of yours to make Flour.
My grandson loves Apple Pie Omelettes. We used to gather the apples for 'em in Buckets...
Back in my day, I used to comb Secret Beach lookin' for Seashells to craft with.
You can't gather hardy resources without hardy tools.
When I was your age, I never went anywhere without my trusty Hammer. Especially not Mysterious Mine.
I used to make tools for all kinds of adventures... sailing, spelunking, star-chasing... but I'm retired now.
Fast-Grass Farm's Straw is one of the most useful resources known to Neopet when it comes to craftin'.
If your Basket's not strong enough, try combinin' it with a Pumpkin. Just trust me.
Try meltin' Ice to get Water. You can find Ice in Mysterious Mine.
You might be able to make a new kind of ooze if you add Ink to that Green Ooze.
You'll need a Needle to make some kinds of cloth. To make one, start with an Urchin.
You can make more than just tools here. Try makin' some new resources with ones you've already got.
Neopets today and their fancy Neggs... I'd 've never thought to put one on a Fishing rod as a lure.
Good ol' Rocks and Bamboo... Nothin' beats that.
Addin' lasers to tools? Wish I'd thought of that.

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During beta, the Shoyru was replaced with a Crabby Bot.

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