The Book of Ages



Beyla was captured by Balthazar, but after being freed was ordered by Aethia to help Wourt and Meut defeat him across Neopia.


So, am I to believe that you're the one who is supposed to help us? I guess we'll see about that.
Aethia asked me to be your guide as you travel across Neopia. By the way, I'm also supposed to give this to you... your first codestone.
Right, well we don't have any time to waste. After all, Balthazar already has a head start on us. Next stop, Maraqua.
Here, take this Enchanted Seaweed Necklace, it will help you breathe underwater. Good luck!!
Good job! You managed to save all those faeries, despite being underwater. I'm impressed!
Yes, it should be quite an adventure. Hurry along now and get ready to free those faeries!
It's called Mystery Island.
It's called Tyrannia.
Nevermind the Omelette, you need to hurry, you are almost done.
Alright now, be careful. I have taught you all the magic that I know it's now up to you to stop Balthazar and prevail at these last two locations. Give it your best; Neopia's faeries are counting on you.
Yeah, we'll teach him a lesson he won't ever forget!!!
With pleasure...

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