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Boochi is a strange creature. He roams Neopia searching for innocent victims to fire his ray gun at, with the aim of turning them into babies, just like him. Thankfully he doesn't have the dexterity to be a good aim, and misses a lot of the time.


You wanna play?!?
I got some new toys! SEE!!!
Awwww... did you get an ouchie...
I don't think I like you...
Does your mommy not like you?
Mommy told me about stupid pets, but I hadn't met any until now!
That hurt my toe you big meany!
YIKES!!! You're an awfully big baby...
I am going to tell YOUR mommy!
Pretty... Hee Hee!
Ewww... what is that coming out of your nose?!?
Hee hee you can't even beat a baby!
Help the babysitter, she says. I say, babies are supposed to stick together! But noooo. Mummy said that I couldn't keep my ray gun if I didn't help the babysitter. How dare she do this to me?!? Nobody messes with the ray gun! Anyway, if you help make this go quicker, I'll make it worth your while.

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Boochi is no longer capable of turning your pet baby!

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