The Book of Ages

Koi Warrior


The Koi Warrior is a defender of Old Maraqua, valiant to the protection of the ruins.


So my little friend, shall we begin?
Until we meet again!
Come on... I am getting so BORED here!
Come on, I know you can do better than that!
Stop it... ha ha.. you are tickling me!
Rythym my dear pet, you need to have some rythym!
One two and lunge.. three four and block... now you try!
Hmpf... One day I may meet someone worthy of my time!
Come, come, my dear boy... put some elbow grease into it!
What are you a Neopet or a mouse?
For the glory of Maraqua!
Ive had better fights with a Primella!
Thats better now try it again with some style!
Now, now, my friend put a bit of effort into it
Thats the spirit, now try a little harder!
My dear pet, you have bested me, you are truly a worthy battledome opponent!

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