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Showbot is a Crabby-bot constructed by Lania Cragg. After Lania gave him a fake moustache to wear, he decided to give up building and started to run the Wheel of Offers on Dacardia.


What’s this? Looks like you won a bonus prize!
Thanks for spinning the Wheel of Offers. You’ve earned a bonus!
Another prize? Someone’s got all the luck today!
Thank you for – wait! Looks like you won the elusive extra prize!
Aaaand that’s the end of that – except it is not! You’ve won a bonus prize!
Congratulations! You won!
Ding ding ding! We have a winner!
What did you win?
Now that’s what I call a prize!
Oh, the wheel stopped spinning. What did you get?
Aaaand there you have it!
Thank you for visiting the Wheel of Offers. Please come again soon!
Thank you for spinning the Wheel of Offers. If you’d like another prize, feel free to try again!
Would you like another prize? We have plenty of ads to share.
Spin, spin, spin the Wheel of Offers!
An ad like that deserves an award. And you deserve a reward for watching! Go on and spin for one.
Go on, have a spin.
What sort of prize will you win today? Only one way to find out!
I wish I could win prizes from this wheel, too.
Just wait ‘til you see what you win!
What’ll today’s prize be?
I like to enjoy a nice, refreshing Neocola while I spin the Wheel of Offers. But I’m all out.
Spin Spin Spin!
By the way, I’m not being paid to be here. It’s by choice.
The Wheel of Offers was NOT brought to you by Mystery Island Tiki Tours. But I hear they’re lovely.
I’m gonna purchase some tickets to the Gormball playoffs on my break. Get ‘em while they last!
Round and round and round it goes… Where it stops, nobody knows!
The anticipation is shorting out my circuits!
Sorry, I’m on my break. It’ll be over soon.
What a crazy ad! I’m gonna have to study it to up my game… should be done soon.
Oh, Moustache Wax is on sale… ‘scuse me a moment. You can spin again later.
Sorry. I’m reading ads right now to spice up the wheel. Come back later.
Sorry. Need some energy, and I can’t drink this coffee until it cools. Come back later.
Step right up! Every spin is a win!
Come one, come all! Behold, the Wheel of Offers!
Watch an ad, spin the wheel, and win a prize!
I assure you, this moustache is real.
Tap the sign to watch an ad, then spin the wheel!
What are we advertising? Tap that sign up there to find out!
Welcome to the Wheel of Offers, where we offer you a chance to spin the wheel.
What prizes will you win today? Watch an ad and find out!
Our prizes are as real as my moustache.
Welcome to the Wheel of Offers, a completely un-sponsored prize wheel.
Want another prize? Have I got an ad for you!
These prizes ain’t gonna win themselves!
New prizes available now! Watch an ad for a chance to win!
What’s that? New prizes? Step right up for your chance to win!
You enjoying the Wheel of Offers?
Back for another spin? Course you are! Step right up!
Need a break after this spin? Try the Dream Bean Cafe.
Another ad, another win!

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