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Shimmy was once an employee of the Neopia Movie Studio in Neopia Central, but moved on when the popularity of the film studio waned. When Jeff retired, he asked Shimmy to help the new Faerie owner settle in, and they got involved in the production of new films.


Hey! It's been so long!
Jeff asked me to come help you settle back in. The band is back together again!
Yeah, yeah. Oh, by the way, I fixed up the gate a bit before you arrived and added a fancy statue. It all looked pretty run down and I wanted to spruce it up for your arrival.
Yeah, it's definitely been a while since some spring cleaning happened. But first...
We actually have a visitor. A young girl camr by looking for reels of an old movie for her grandmother.
She's right over there. Can you wait here for a sec? I'll go ask her.
Let me introduce you to each other! This is the young girl I just mentioned! What's your name again?
We can't film with the place in such a state.
By the way, did you two say this was a romantic movie?
Sounds like a good theme! But this place doesn't look very romantic to me... just take a look at this wall.
Now it looks like a completely different wall!
This seems to be a movie poster. Why is it drooping like this?
This poster... seems weird.
I'm... feeling dizzy...
Why is there a space like this inside a poster?
Whoa! Guess you were right! Time to run.
That was close!
What happened and why did it collapse like that all of a sudden?
So we can't go back to the Rainbow Book?
That does sound romantic.
That looks beautiful and now we won't need to worry about over-exposure!
I bet sitting on it would feel like sitting on clouds.
Towards the center? Or in the corner? They all work for me.
This bookshelf can definitely fit many books. I have a good feeling about this.
I agree!
So close to being able to say 'Home Sweet Home'!
Did we? I think this place is pretty much perfect.
You're right! How could we forget? Let's go!
Leave that to me!
Hehehe, this is my time to shine!
Wow, now this place really looks like a film set!
It's bigger than I imagined. We need to find a good spot for it.
Does it feel stuffy in here to anyone else or is it just me?
I think we still need a coffee table.
I like the lamps!
I'm not tired at all!
What's next?
Oops! What did I do?
Phew, finally it's all cleared up.

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Shimmy appears to exist in an alternate version of Neopia. They have other alternate versions in Hanke, a fisherman on Dancing Island, and Shims in the main Neopets universe.

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