The Book of Ages

The Faerie


This Faerie was an employee at Neopia Movie Studio in Neopia Central during the height of its popularity, though left when things began to wind down. When the owner, Jeff, decided to retire, he gave Neopia Studio to the Faerie to look after instead. While restoring the film studio, she ventured into the dreamland of the Rainbow Book.


Hi Shimmy! Long time no see! Jeff brought me back to help run things for a while. What are you doing here?
Well, less a band and more a troupe.
The entrance looks great so far! We're going to have to figure out the inside though...
Huh, interesting! Let's see if we can help.
Sure! No problem.
Ah yes, Artichoke Hearts: A Love Story! What a classic. It's very nice to meet you Kelly. My name is [player name]. Let's go see if we can find that reel in the back.
I have an idea... Because the movie means so much to your grandmother and we need some new films to liven this place up... Why don't we reboot it?
And who better to play the star of the film that you, Kelly? You strike me as a silver screen star. Will you be interested in starring in the film?
I wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it. Let's go set up that set!
It's such a mess!
We need a tidy filming site, without any dust or obstacles getting in our way!
Let's give this place a makeover, starting with this wall!
What color do you think would suit a romantic movie?
Makes a great difference!
Hmm... I don't recognize this movie. Might as well just paste it up again.
Just like new!
Weird? Let me have a look.
Something feels... off.
These posters seem to take us to a different dimension.
Maybe the dreamland inside this poster is just a broken memory.
Yep, according to the legends, we were in the Rainbow Book, a place that stores everyone's dreams. Many years ago, it was thornw into disarray. What we saw inside this poster seems to be a memory of back then.
If we have dream spiritual power, maybe we could go back through this poster. But dream spiritual power is something one acquires only by chance.
The natural lighting in this room is also a big problem.
Ooh, I'm loving this place! Everywhere looks lit now!
To shoot outdoor scenes, we will need a suitable backdrop. Do you have any ideas?
The new windows are great, but sometimes the sun gets too bright. It might affect the exposure of our footage.
Indeed, now we can even control the lighting in the room.
All this refurbishing is tiring me out. I wish we had a place to sit down.
Where should we place this sofa then?
Unless... he's the one reading Artichoke Hearts: A Love Story to his grandchildren! And the movie takes place in the middle. We can even use it for our promotional trailer!
What kind of books did your grandfather used to read?
He sounds like he was a very smart man. With all the books placed neatly, this looks very refined!
You're absolutely right. A table here would be useful for both the crew and the cast.
Now we have a table!
Ah! The equipment! We need to move onto setting up the shooting equipment.
Didn't it collapse last time? There is someone out there, I'll go see.
Is this your dream?
Who are you?
How do you make dreams come true?
So what should I do?
What's the Dream Core?
I'd love to help.
Are these clear crystals the so called 'dream spiritual power'?
Is this dream spiritual power?
These are all our dreams?
How can I help the dark ones?
She... looks very lonely.
What a colorful dream. Its owner must have a colorful heart too!
No thank you. Actually, I would like to know more about that dancer in the forest.
And what happened to Ion?
Hello, are you Tom the Town Chief?
Can you tell me what happened to Ion?
But how expensive can a pair of shoes be?
Killer fishing techniques, you must be Hanke.
Do you remember Ion? The one who you sailed the Mysterious Sea with?
I am just doing a favor for someone and trying to help Jelena.
Did you find treasures.
Seems like Hanke is hiding something.
Hanke was very defensive when I asked about Ion. I think he's hiding something.
Is this... safe?
Okay, thanks. I'll try it out.
I felt really bad earlier and Tom told me you really like this drink. Please accept my sincere apology.
Now can you please tell me what happened with Ion?
Was Ion on the island?
I'm guessing he did...
Actually, I think I may know where to find him.
Why didn't you tell me you were Ion? And why did you take such a huge risk for a pair of dancing shoes?
How can we fix this, Ion?
I took Hanke to see Ion.
Where are they? That's it!
Hi, are you Jelena? I have something for you.
They were lost until now. Go ahead, try them on.
Don't you miss her? You'll never be able to see her again.
That is correct! A scene shot using a dolly will turn out much smoother than one shot with a handheld camera!
Of course! This is a cutting-edge equipment!
Now that the track is installed, we can build the camera jib.
This way we will be able to film from any angle imaginable!
Let's make an amazing movie and bring Neopia Studio back to life!
Oh, grandfather clock has finally arrived!
And to see if their costumes fit.
What do you think, Kelly?
What a nice coffee table!
Such a warm and inviting house... but we're missing lamps.
Let's keep working then!
You should sit down and have a glass of water. Is my water glass on the table too?
Hm... Let me think...
Hmm... I feel like something's lacking here.
Reading books on the carpet, I'm already looking forward to it!
Wow. I'm in love with this feeling.
Are you alright? These fragments are dangerous, let's clean it up.

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The Faerie is the player character, and her name can be changed by the player. She appears to be an alternate universe version of the Faerie who became mayor of New Faerieland. She seems to share her ability to explore other realities via their dreams.

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