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Kelly is a young film fan from Neopia Central who visited Neopia Movie Studio in the hopes of finding a copy of an old film, Artichoke Hearts, for her grandmother. In the process, she was cast as the lead in a remake of the film instead.


Kelly! I'm looking for a reel for my grandmother. It's a romance movie that she used to watch with my grandfather. I think its name was... Artichoke Hearts?
Nice to meet you too! It would mean the word to my grandma if I could play that movie for her again. She saw it on her first date with my grandpa.
I had the same idea!
Really? You think I can play the star?
*Cough* There's dust everywhere!
Yes! It's all about getting to the heart of the matter.
Maybe a warm-toned color? We need something that will make the viewers feel warm inside.
This is turning out nicely! I knew this color would be the right choice!
How did you get sucked into the poster?
Anyways... Glad to see you back safe.
It must be the window. We need to replace it with a bigger one that lets more light in.
Yes, it looks so much better now. I'm sure the actors will appreciate it too.
Warm sunlight, green grass, endless blue sky... Oh, what a tough decision to make!
I can already imagine a scene where my young grandparents hold hands and walk on the grass.
Would it be better if we had a simple yet beautiful curtain?
We could definitely use a sofa.
He was always an avid ready and would get lost in books, so much so that he wouldn't notice someone calling his own name. My grandmother would always complain about it.
How do we make this scene interesting though? Surely just watching a man read a book isn't interesting...
That's perfect!
I recall... He has always prefered books on world history and culture.
It feels like something is missing here...
We are almost done setting up the filming area! Just need to add a door now.
My grandfather taught me that professional filmaking always uses dolly tracks.
That looks so professional!
This looks really imposing...
That leave the camera.
It's better to be seen from everywhere in the room, so that we always know what time it is.
If we place the mirror here, it'll be much easier for actors to do their makeup!
If only the mirror could look better... I'd like to dress up in front of a more artistic mirror...
It's perfect! Very artistic.
Maybe we can add some plants. They are beautiful and purify the air.
I agree!
Yes, lamps would add warmth to the room.
This is way more tiring than I thought.
Yes, all our glasses are there.
I guess there must be a carpet before the bookshelf for a deep reader.
Yeah, glad to see you were not hurt.
And luckily no one was hurt.

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Kelly appears to exist in an alternate version of Neopia, and has a counterpart in Kello in the main Neopets universe.

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