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November 24, 2004

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Aethia is the current Battle Faerie and General of Faerieland's armies. Aethia left Faerieland one day to go to the Haunted Woods, hoping to find the twin swords of flame and ice. Chased down by the dark faerie Fiona, she ran through the forest and was trapped in a bog. There, the spirit of Valeane spoke to her, and gave her the sword of flame and the sword of ice, making her the new battle faerie. Aethia returned to Faerieland, on a quest to help others and master the riddle of the swords. In her spare time, she sells weapons and writes books. Her first one, When All Else Fails, was a bestseller. She went on to write a sequel.


No one knows weapons better than I!
My friend, I purchased an impervious suit of armor but it's so heavy that I can barely move. I need (ITEM) to get it off.
I've been sitting here for hours and this armor's getting sweaty. Please, hurry.
You're back! A warrior true and true. Could you give me the (ITEM)?
My thanks, brave one. It should be noted that at times: protection and immobility come hand in hand. Although nothing will protect that Mister Krawley from me, I'll tell you that.
Please. That healing salve that I bought... It takes care of the bruises but I'm so tired that I can... Barely... Talk... I need (ITEM) to... Undo its magic.
Haven't you found it?... Okay. Please keep searching... I'll just... Take a nap right here.
You made it... Here. Give me the (ITEM) before I fall asleep again...
Well that certainly did the trick. I'll just head on back to that Mister Krawley so he can see just how alert my sword hand is.
Neopian, I bought a potion that would give me the perfect duelist but it created an evil version of myself. I need (ITEM) to cast her away.
She's lying. I'm the real Battle Faerie and I need that to cast her away.
You're not the real Battle Faerie! You lock your knees when you fight.
Your shield work is so last year. The true Battle Faerie would never make that mistake. Find it and we'll see...
You're back! Give (ITEM) to me!
Thank you, Neopian. You made the right choice.
Just kidding.

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