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Ion was a fisherman on Dancing Island. Together with Hanke, he ventured across the Mysterious Sea to try and find a pair of special dancing shoes for his love, Jelena. Unfortunately, they were shipwrecked. On the island, he was approached by the Dream Messenger, who offered Ion the shoes in exchange for him becoming a Dream Messenger for a hundred years as well. He agreed, and became a Dream Messenger in a dreamworld known as the Rainbow Book. He eventually met a Faerie from Neopia Studio there, and recruited her to try and help the hopes and dreams of Neopians, starting with Jelena.

Before agreeing to become a Dream Messenger, he looked like this:

Ion the Fisherman


This is everyone's dream.
I am the Dream Messenger. I help dreams come true.
I can show you. Why do you want to help people's dreams?
Fulfilling dreams will bring you rewards.
Currently the Dream Core lacks energy and cannot start.
The Dream Core has the ability to power people's dreams. It needs some dream spiritual power. Can you help me find some around?
I will wait for you at the other end of the Rainbow Book.
Come, just ahead. These colorful bubbles will bring you to the other side of the dream.
Pour the dream spiritual power into the Dream Core! Oh, the splendid lights!
Come and have a look!
Correct. The shining ones are close to realization and the dark ones are almost broken.
You see her? Her dream is on the brink of breaking.
Go listen to her story. I believe you could help her out.
Hanke, calm down.
Please don't blame yourself. I'm the one who made this choice.
It seems stupid, doesn't it? When she received the letter to enter the competition, she was so happy! Then she looked down to her old dancing shoes... I saw the sadness and disappointment in her eyes. All I wanted to do is make Jelena happy... but now she's sad because I'm gone.
Those dancing shoes are still on the island. If you bring them back to Jelena, they'll be my last gift to her and bring her peace.
Thanks for helping me fulfil Jelena's dream.
In the end, this was the choice I made. At least we both got closure and I know I will always love her. My new dream is that she moves on and finds happiness again. She deserves the world.

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Ion appears to be from an alternate version of Neopia, though his role as a Dream Messenger appears to let him see other realities beyond his own.

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