The Book of Ages

Chief Tom


Tom is the Town Chief on Dancing Island.


"Yes, my name is Tom. Friend from afar, Dancing Island welcomes you!
Oh that boy, what a naughty kid. He was also the best fisherman on the island, ha. But it's been many years since he left. It's a long story. There was an accident when he was at sea, that stubborn boy. I told him not to go, but he said he must buy that pair of dancing shoes for Jelena, before he would dare propose to her. What a fool!
That pair of shoes is made by a late master. There is only one in the world.
That's all I know. Go ask Hanke if you are truly interested. He accompanied Ion to the Mysterious Sea.
Hm. I think I have an idea for you. Here, give this drink to Hanke. It's made from his favorite purple fruit, but with a special ingredient to get him to answer you truthfully.
Completely safe! There's been a lots of trial and error to get to this point though...
Hanke, what have you been keeping from us? What actually happened to Ion?
You can't lie to us anymore, son. The truth will come out, or I'll have to kick you out of town.
So Ion really is gone...
Where did you two run off to?
That's not funny. You should choose your jokes carefully...
100 years? Ion, you stupid boy.

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Tom appears to exist in an alternate version of Neopia.

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