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Hanke is a fisherman living on Dancing Island. He accompanied Ion on his search for treasure, but when they reached a rainbow island and Ion made a deal with a Dream Messenger, Hanke ran. On returning to Dancing Island, he told everyone that they had been involved in a shipwreck where Ion died.


You flatter me. I am indeed Hanke, what can I do for you?
Who are you and what do you know?
That year...
No, we were shipwrecked and Ion died. That is all. Alright, leave me alone. A wonderful dinner is waiting for me.
This is my favorite! Wait... Why are you giving this to me?
Sure, whatever. I'll take the drink!
Ahhh, refreshing...
Ion? Ion... That island, no treasure... Just... Rainbow.
It's all gone... I've lost the shoes.
Why's the Town Chief here?
I didn't... I didn't...
Please don't! I'll tell you everything. We searched for treasure for half a month without finding anything... Until one day, we saw an island. A rainbow island. We met a strange person on that island. He told us he was a Dream Messenger, and Ion said he needed his help. But the Dream Messenger said, he cannot help Ion... unless Ion is willing to make a deal with him.
Ion said yes and out of nowhere, Jelena's dancing shoes appeared... But the price was that Ion had to help the main for 100 years.
Ion, is that you?
I am so sorry! I lost the dancing shoes... and I lied to Jelena.
No, she really did take me to see Ion. He's still alive.
Can you please help us find the dancing shoes? I need to make it up to Ion and Jelena after all these years.
I tried to bring them back to you... but...

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Hanke appears to exist in an alternate version of Neopia, and has other versions in Shims and Shimmy.

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