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Oscar is an actor from Meridell who has featured in the film 'Flying Without Wings: A Warrior's Tale', and adverts for Hubert's Hot Dogs and Uni's Clothing. He eventually joined the actors at Neopia Movie Studio to play the lead in a remake of the film 'Artichoke Hearts'.


Hello! I heard you guys are looking for actors?
My name is Oscar! I'm from Meridell. I've done some commercial gigs for things like Hubert's Hot Dogs and Uni's Clothing. I've been in a few movies, but it's always been my dream to be a lead actor.
Let me think... "Flying Without Wings: A Warrior's Tale" is definitely one of the most impressive for me.
Can't wait!
The pleasure is all mine! I have full confidence that we'll make an amazing movie together!
That's a test we can definitely ace!
Oh, it's you!
Ha, definitely not! I'm going to see, uh... "The Zombie Chomby"?
Wait! I lied... I bought a ticket for Strawberry Fields.
What? That's-- not--- Yeah, alright, it's true. It's just so embarrassing...
Really? Well, then, I like that you like that.
I'm ready!
I hope this can be our breakout film!
Yes, let's record this momentous occassion!

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Oscar appears to be an alternate universe version of Ascor, and has another alternate version that works as a grocer on Dancing Island.

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