The Book of Ages

The Faerie


This Faerie once worked at the Employment Agency, but became trapped in crystal prior to the fall of Faerieland. In Year 24, she was discovered in her house and a small surviving part of Faerieland floating in the sky, and promptly freed. She then started rebuilding a New Faerieland, of which she became mayor. Upon waking, she lost all memories of her life prior to the fall of Faerieland, excluding her name. She appears to be scared of the dark.


What's going on here? Why is there a hole in my ceiling?
I... I know it, but everything's... cloudy... Who am I?
I'm--- a Light Faerie. My name... My name is... I think.
Wait, you did what?
Yes, that game definitely helped. Thank you--
Wait. Where's Faerieland? What is going on?!
That's putting it lightly. My entire world was just shattered! I've been asleep for over a decade! But yeah, I suppose it's a lot to take in!
Clear the fog within my mind, so that I may know the answers I wish to find.
But... This is my home. I don't want to leave it, especially not if it survived everything you said it did. This land survived for a reason. I feel my best chance to learn why is to stay here and take care of this land. Maybe if I can rebuild this small piece of land and see it full of life again, I can remember mine!
Yeah--- from crashing into my house.
I---I don't want to go back in there. It's like entering a stranger's home.
That would be great. Thank you!
I actually... don't remember.
That's okay. I think something is actually coming back to me. A sense of disappointment... They must've lost when I saw them play.
Have they been any better since I've been asleep?
Ouch... I think that jersey would look great on you. Why don't you keep it?
Sure, why not! It's not like I can hold onto it for sentimental value since I don't remember anything else about it. Just... disappointment.
Maybe they will.
Yeah. I was just thinking. If this really is all that's left, then maybe we can start from scratch.
I mean, I want to start building a New Faerieland! ---hmm, I don't know about that name, though.
Hm, too wordy. Let's see, how about--- [town name]. I guess I couldn't come up with anything better... Oh well, we can always rebrand if I think of something else! Yes, [town name] really fits the vibe of what I'm hoping to achieve here. I love it. Now let's throw that on a huge sign that'll get everyone's attention! Well, everyone that happens to be flying this high up in the sky.
Nope! New sign time, let's go! See! This is a much better use of time than thinking about how I've lost everything I've ever known--- Let's build something else!
Now that we've got a sign, let's create a nifty little entrance to the whole town!
It's... beautiful...
I just noticed how bare the ground it. I guess none of the plants could survive up here without someone looking after them. No matter! I will plant more in their memory!
There we go! I can feel life returning to this island already!
Alright, next on the list is to add a path to the entrance. One pathway coming right up!
All good, except I keep coming back to this empty space in the centre... I feel like it'll start getting dark soon. Best put some lights up. Not that I'm afraid of the dark or anything like that. Nothing like that.
Such charming lights! I can't wait to see how they look in the evening. Because I am absolutely not in any way afraid of the dark.
What should I put there? A Peophin fountain? An ominous orb of mysterious power? Decisions, decisions.
That's more like it. An excellent use of the space! It's really coming along! Don't you think?
Yeah--- I guess I could rest no- Wait! Was no one going to tell me how in shambles outside my house looks?
Yup! I've got to fix it up!
Aww, thanks, Varia!
Oh no, of course not! It's about to get dark out soon, though, so we should probably call it a day...
I know it's not the best arrangement, but would you mind staying here with me tonight... I don't think I'm ready to be alone.
Yeah! Sleepover time!
Now that we are well-rested, I can get started on fixing up my house!
Since this isn't Faerieland anymore, I don't have to live by that pink and purple house mandate anymore, huh? Maybe I should shake things up.
Excellent. Now moving on to the trim... Just a touch more here, and there, and... tada! Nothing like a fresh coat of paint to liven a house up.
Time to replace this door. It's served me well over the years. I will remember it fondly.
This door is way better than the other door was. I can't even remember what it looked like.
I just have this feeling that I can't shake... that there are holes in my roof. So, I say we replace the whole thing, take no chances.
No buckets during the Month of Eating for me! Hmm, that was every specific... Maybe my memory's starting to come back.
I don't think I'll ever get used to looking out these windows and not seeng the castle in the distance... I guess I'll just have to build a new castle! Then I can look out my new windows, and it'll be like nothing's changed.
I should make a path up to my home. Who knows. I may somehow get lost on all this land.
Beautiful! And now, not even I could get lost. But first, I should check this mailbox. Wonder what kind of advertisements and coupons I got over the years. Oh, maybe there will be a clue! 1 Free Hotdog at Hubert's Hotdogs... Advertisement for the Poogle Races for Y18--- Nothing of interest--- but theese are all dated fairly recently. How did I keep getting mail? I know the Faerie magic is what sends it, but how did it know to keep sending it--- Oh, I have more mail! That's strange. The only thing in the mailbox id this blank envelope...
What is this place? How did I get here? I can't recall a thing--- but I see an old man over there. I should go ask him. Excuse me. Could you please tell me where I am? Did he just disappear? What is going on here? What is that sound? I think it's coming from up this river---
I hope replacing this mailbow doesn't ruin whatever Faerie magic was used to send me mail in the first place.
This place could use some greenery, in my humble opinion. Though to be fair, there was greenery... but it's more like... brownery now.
Much better! I promise I'll keep you alive this time and won't get trapped in a crystal, leaving you to die a slow and dry death. And here is the first step of that promise, some fresh water. Honestly, I doubt I've ever been good at keeping plants alive. So, those might have died long before I was trapped... But I'm a new person!
Thank you! But I still really need to fix the tower. It seems like it was damaged when someone crashed into my house...
There's no need to say sorry. After all, if you hadn't crashed into the tower, I would still be asleep.
Teamwork makes the dream work. While I'm at it, I might as well replace that chimney too.
That just about takes care of the exterior... but I feel like something is missing... Oh! What about a name plaque? That way, everyone will know who lives here... and I won't nearly forget my name again...
I love it!
Aaah! Where did you come from? No, no, I'm fine. Welcome back! I know, I know. I couldn't help myself! I think I got enough rest, you know?
I'm fine, I promise! Since you're back so soon, does that mean you've found something about who I used to be?
No. You're right. It's vital that I do this!
Maybe you should have gone with the Queen...
Well, it's getting late again, and I haven't fixed up the inside of the house yet...
You're the best!
I have to clear away these vines somehow if I want to follow that sound.
Wait, did I do that? Okay, this has got to be a dream! But the question is, is it my dfream or someone else's? Maybe the person playing the music is the owner of the dream.
Wow! That was amazing! I've never heard such beautiful music!
Sorry, my name is [player name]. I'm... not from around here.
I'm sorry, it's too overcast, so I can't tell what time it is exactly.
A young man?
That's nice! I'm sorry, the only person I've seen was an old man.
Then I better be off. I hope you both have an excellent time!
Yeah, it's somehow easy for me to do that sort of stuff here! I didn't even have to use a spell.
I would love to help! I can tell that this cello has been well-loved! But now it's time for it to rest. Let's find you a new one that can become just as loved throughout time! Try this one!
I think it sounds great because of your skills! You must have practised for a long time.
You must have worked hard for that dream!
Ah, is that 'someone' the young man you're waiting for? Are you cold?
I can help!
Don't worry about it! I'm happy to help! Just think of it as me repaying you for being able to listen to your wonderful music! Makeover time! Let's start with the dress!
Now, this is how you dress to impress!
Oh, we aren't done yet! A dress and face as beautiful as yours deserve the full makeover! Accessories time! While accessories may not be absolutely necessary, they sure are fun! I think these really pull the whole look together!
I'm glad! Now on to hair! I love your hair! I feel like it would look great in any fashion! I was so right! I love it like this the most, though!
You look like you're ready to take on the world!
Once he arrives, just start playing. I'm sure he'll recognise you then!
Is that the song you and he are going to play together today?
Oh wow! That's so cool!
Why here? It's not the nicest place for such an important get together.
Don't you worry. Just leave it me! I'm not really sure how this place used to look, but as long as I can bring back some life to it, that's all that should matter! Alright, let's start cleaning up here. I'd rest on this nice clean ground any day! That's a good start, but the rest of the forest could also use a little sprucing up.
An incredible sight to behold! It's sad to see what was once a beautiful body of water in this state. The way it flows now is so graceful! I just want to go for a swim! No! I've got to finish what I was doing first! If I were coming here to relax, I'd want nice soft grass. Not whatever is all over the ground here!
Now, this is some grass I'd relax on. So soft one could even take a nap!
Hmm, I think I'm almost done. I just feel like I should add one more thing to really pull it all together. Of course! Some lovely smelling flowers to accompany the lovely sounding music!
Perfect! This now looks like a wonderful place for two friends to reconnect! What do you think?
It really looked like this back then? That seems like it must have been so long ago, though?
I'll make sure to keep an eye out for you in case anyone comes.
Is that man over there the one I saw before? I wonder why he is still here? He seems to be looking this way. Is he---
Hello. Am I interrupting you?
I saw you a little while ago, but I don't think you noticed me. You are here listening to her play, aren't you? Are you perhaps here to meet her?
I'm sorry for asking, but how many years ago? I mean, how have you grown to be old while she is so young? (I must be right on this all being a dream. Otherwise, none of this makes any sense.)
But she wants to see you! I'm sure she will recognise you as soon as she hears you play your violin! I'll even make you a new violin so that it will be like how it was before! Just promise me you will go and play with her! You'll need a violin that can keep up with your passion. I'll create you a new one to go along with your new song!
I hope this one will do your song justice!
Would you feel better if you put on some clothes that were similar to ones you used to wear when you were young? Nonetheless, let me help! I think you look pretty great already! But, I get how a change of outfit can help you feel more confident in yourself so let's do this!
This is a great look on you! I hope you're feeling great too! Now to accessories! Something to really make that creative sparkle in your eye shine even brighter!
Amazing! Even if you didn't play the violin, I'd still think you were a star with this cool of a look! Now for a slick new hairstyle!
You look vigorous! I can tell you had amazing style back when you were younger!
You don't need to worry about all that! Just play your violin. Trust me!
It's okay! I'll make it good as new! It doesn't seem like I need to use magic in this strange place. All I did in the past was think about what I wanted to happen! Alright, here goes nothing!
Good as new!
They're finally meeting again! But this gloomy weather is putting a real damper on such a happy reunion! I can fix that! All this fog definitely needs to go!
There we go! Now it's starting to feel like the beautiful park it is, and not some spooky graveyard! Those two's smiles are most certainly brightening up the place, but a little more light never hurt!
She left. Her dream came true.
Okay, no more sleeping in a dirty house! Time to get started cleaning!
Why are you so surprised? You've been in here a lot already!
I appreciate that! Although, I don't think this house is ready for guests. Do you mind hanging outside until it's cleaner in here?
Alright, time to get started!
Much better! Curse you, decades worth of dust cybunnies... I should probably clean out all this soot before doing anything else. Hm? It looks like there's something here. It's so burnt I can't tell what it is. What's on the back? I'll keep it somewhere safe, just in case it'll help jog my memory. Now, to fix up this mess of a fireplace!
All clean! Since I've gotten this far, I may as well do something about these floors too.
What an improvement, if I do say so myself. Maybe I should go into the home decorating business. Or what if that was my job all along? I should probably look around and see if anything triggers a memory. Aha, here we go! A backpack. Let's take a look.
Oh, god, what is that smell? Gross! I must've made this for the Faerie Festival Fyora was talking about. Time to burn the house down... Wait, I don't need to take such drastic measures, especially not after all my hard work. I can cast a vanishing spell! That'll do the trick. I no longer want you here, so into the void, you'll disappear! On second thought, I should have searched the backpack for more clues... but... I'm just glad that smell is gone.
With that taken care of, I'm definitely not ready to clean the kitchen, so... What else can we do here? These books here might have some clues. Let's peruse, shall we?
All that time and the only thing I discovered is that I like my own taste in books. Who would've thought? Wait... This is an interesting one. Faerieland Employment Agency Employee Handbook? What a mouthful. Did I work at the Employment Agency? I'll have to ask Fyora about the Faerieland Employment Agency... In the meantime, let's give this bookshelf an upgrade.
Such sophistication. Flawless execution. I'm so good at this!
This is interesting. There are some faces here that must know about my past. Like this Aisha... There's a letter next to the photo too. I wonder if she wrote it.
Her name is Tia, which means I really did remember my name! That's a relief, I was stressing about that.
These photos are nice and all, but I am really lacking some fine art on these walls.
Just looking at that painting fills me with joy. It's almost helping wash away the shock of Faerieland no longer being in the sky and me being trapped in a crystal for a decade. Almost.
For some finishing touches, I should add lights for when it gets dark. I certainly don't want to be sitting here alone... in darkness.
I feel safer already. Ahh! No one's home! Who me? Scared? No--- I'm perfectly fine! Welcome!
Did you learn anything that could help?
Nope, just found the employee handbook.
Do you know an Aisha named Tia?
I'm sorry. I've given it some thought, and I want to stay here. All the building I've done has shown me that there's hope for this land. Even if I don't regain my memories, at least this place can be rebuilt and will live on!
Do you think we could rebuild Faerieland from here?
That's exactly what I was thinking! I even chose the name, [town name].
She really loves to have the final word, doesn't she? Alright, I should keep fixing this place up! Let's see, what else do I have left? Well, if I'm ever going to relax properly, we should definitely start with the couch because I'd rather site on the floor than that old thing!
Now, this I would sit on! All I can focus on now is that dusty old rug on the floor! This room deserves better!
That is way better! Don't you agree, room? Haha, I hope I don't start talking to the walls more... Now all I need is somewhere to place my hot cup of borovan while I read.
Perfect! There might even be enough room for a complete borovan service!
Ahh! What was that sound? Why do things keep scaring me! It sounded like it came from outside--- I suppose I should check.
Oh, it looks like my mailbox is flashing. Let's see what I got. Oh, a letter from Fyora.
Good to know replacing the mailbox didn't stop the Faerie magic from working! I can't believe she found Tia's address that fast! Also, I wonder who this friend is? Ah! What was that? I'm tired of these jumpscares!
Oh, wow! You must be Fyora's friend. And look, you've got a little note.
I think [Walein name] suits you very well! But what colour would suit you best?
You look amazing! Now, let's attach a dock to this entrance so you can fly right on up to it. How do you like that? A perfect fit. I don't want to keep you here all the time, but how can I call you when I need you. Hmm... Oh! How about a really loud horn, like the sound you made when you first arrived?
... Yep. That's the one.
Right, let's give it a shot!
I'm guessing that means it works! Very well done, if I may toot my own horn. We're all set! Let's go to Faerieland and talk to Tia! I hope she remembers me...
Wow, it really is true... This is far from the Faerieland that I remember. It's still beautiful, though. You can drop Faerieland from the sky, but you can't destroy its beauty.
Alive and in the flesh... but it's not all good news. I actually... don't remember anything.
It does sound ridiculous when you put it that way, but I'm not ready to leave behind my home... The town's open for business, though... if you want to come join me?
And if you join me in [town name], I can help you.
Oh no...
I just realised... I have nowhere to host you. Let me build a place first, and I'll send [Walein name] to get you when it's ready!
Before I go, is there anything you can tell me about my past?
I understand.
That's nice to hear---
Really? Do you remember their name?
It's more than I had before, I guess--- My questions just seem to be leading to more questions.
You're right! We'll figure this out together. I better get back and build you a place to stay as soon as possible!
Thanks [Walein name]!
Oh, hi Varia!
I did! She's going to be coming up here to stay! Which reminded me that I need to build a place for people to stay.
I do! But we should probably hit the sack and begin early in the morning.
Sun's up! I'm up!
To be my moral support, of course! Now let's see... What should I do about Tia's lodging? Lodging... Lodging...
The Neolodge! Of course! Great idea, Varia! Hmm, but if I build a whole Neolodge here, there won't be a lot of room to build houses for people near my house---
No, I want to build something that multiple people can visit as soon as possible. Plus a house is something she should be here for. Well, I guess Tia was right about me being the mayor, and the mayor's house is usually in the centre of town! Okay, it's settled! I'll build the Neolodge here! Figuring out where to put the other stuff can be future me's problem! Here's hoping the Neolodge owners don't come after me for copyright infringement. I'll just call it the... Neotel? That doesn't read well. Oh well, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it!
There we go! Plenty of room for propective citizens and visitors. Let's go ahead and connect the entrance to the rest of the path.
Done and done! I'm steadily earning the title of Pathway Pro.
Shall I match the colour to my home? Or do something entirely out of left-field?
It's starting to come together!
Welcome to another episode of Extreme Neolodge Makeover: [town name] Edition. Next up, the rooftop!
I should throw a party in here... We can really... raise the roof of this place. Ha.
I need a door that seems inviting, welcoming...
That's one welcoming door.
Adding some windows, gotta add some windows, just a few windows to the Neolodge!
So... many... windows.
There are too many rooms to decorate, so those will have to stay basic for the time being. But I can at least make this lobby look great! First things first, let's sweep this lobby up so I can start decorating!
I've just now realised that I haven't eaten in over a decade... Let's just push through and get this Neolodge finished. I wonder if I've ever stayed at the Neolodge. Is the Neolodge even open to Faeries? I wonder... My Neolodge will be open to Faeries and Neopians alike!
If Faerieland fell to the ground, I wonder what other chaotic, seemingly impossible things have happened since I've been asleep. What if Illusen and Jhudora finally made up? Or, oh no, what if the Giant Omelette vanished? I should go to the Giant Omelette!
Now that the floors and walls are all done, time to decorate. How about we start with a welcome mat?
Perfectly placed.
I have no clue who will be working this front desk, but let's set one up anyway! [Walein name], you're hired! We'll make a concierge out of you yet.
An armchair would be nice to add, for you know, waiting... purposes.
See, it looks cosy!
Every good lodge has a place to get a free hot cup of borovan.
Now I just got to make sure the borovan taste good--- no! I've got to focus!
Some indoor plants should bring a breath of fresh air to this place!
Ah, refreshing!
It's really coming together, but the walls are just so bare.
Perfect! I think we're all done here for now!
Hey there [Walein name]! Can you go pick up Tia for me? I should surprise Tia with a gift before she gets here! But what to make...
I think she's going to love this.
Varia? Where are you going?
(I never invited Varia! Oh no, what should I do?)
I know we just met, but you're my first friend in this new life. I don't want to see you go. Is there anything I can do to convince you to stay?
Oh... Oh, that's just evil.
Partners. Great! Now that we've got that settled, we should head to bed! Oh...
I just realised that with the Neolodge built, we don't have to do sleepovers anymore... you can stay here.
Welcome to [town name], Tia!
Thank you! And with you here, it means I'm one step closer to rebuilding this new land for all of Neopians and Faeries alike to visit!
Oh, I almost forgot. Here's a welcome gift for you!
Then let's jump right to it! Oh, I just thought of something! How about I give you some of my old clothes to sell at your thrift store!
But I want to! With how long I've been asleep, you might even be able to label my clothes as vintage.
You get comfortable at the Neolodge, and I'll grab some clothes real quick!
Wow, I expected it to be a bit dusty in here, but I didn't think it would be this messy! Hmm, it will probably take Tia some time to unpack, so I might as well clean up in here a bit. I should also look around for clues about my past!
Ugh, gross! It seems like I had an infestation of rainblugs at some point! So much is chewed on, and their droppings are everywhere. Well, at least they can't eat metal! Good thing, too, or I would never have found this key! I have no clue what it goes to, but maybe once I start cleaning, I'll find something.
Since everything is a mess anyway, I might as well start by painting the walls. It shouldn't take too long to paint some walls, right?
There! Nothing like a new layer of paint to really freshen up a dusty room! Aaah! Did those nasty rainblugs eat through the floor as well? No, the wood is full of holes. It must have been jermites! I hope they haven't spread anywhere else.
I didn't see any signs of more petpetpets! Which is good because I don't think I could handle this magnificent new floor getting eaten!
Even knowing as little as I do about myself, it's hard to believe I didn't already have a rug in here! ... Maybe it got eaten?
My old self may not have been a rug person, but I'm sure I would have been once I saw how amazing this one is!
I don't even want to think about what sort of petpetpets might have crawled their way into the bed! But that's a great excuse to get a whole new one!
Wait, something fell from behind the pillow when I moved the old bed! Oh, wow, it's my old diary! This is perfect! I'm sure it will unlock all sorts of things about my past! And I've already got the key! Noooo, I can't believe my eyes! It's been almost completely eaten! I can't make out more than every few words...
X and I went to Faerie Cloud Races today... getting out was good for her... been stressful ever since she got a letter... I liked the cars, but she said they reminded her too much of... terror.
Why did I think it would be that easy! The most I can make out is a few lines of this random page. Well, I don't like how that ended... I wonder who X is? I'd ask the Queen, but I doubt she'd be able to get anything off of such little information... This is at least something! Now all you've got to do is ask everyone you meet who has a name that begins with X if they know you! Easy peasy!
I have to say the whole torn up look is pretty cool, but it doesn't actually work that well at blocking light.
Now that's what I'm talking about! A cool look while also being efficient!
I wish I had the forethought to hang posters in the past. That might have helped me know at least some of the things I was into. No matter! That just means I have all the space I want to hang up some new posters!
I don't know why, but these just feel right! Oh wow, I didn't notice how much darker it's gotten in here since I put in curtains! Not... not that it bothers me or anything... but might as well replace these lights next, you know... since it's on my mind and all.
That's much better... I mean better to see with of course! You know what? I'm getting a little sick of not seeing myself! I need some sort of mirror in here! I'm sorry, did that sound a little vain?
Oh wow! I look amazing! It! It looks amazing! That's what I meant to say! Everything is coming together! But I still feel like something is missing. Hmm... A tapestry! That will totally pull it all together!
Perfect! The room is looking great! Wait... wasn't there something else I came in here for? Oh my goodness! I was just supposed to come in here and grab clothes for Tia! Okay, just one more! I should really replace this door! And then I promise, I'm coming, Tia!
Great! Now the room is all finished, and I've got this pile of clothes to give to Tia! They are all pretty old, though. I hope she doesn't mind a pile of spooky laundry!
Tia! I'm so sorry I took so long!
Yeah, I'm learning that about myself as well. Good to know I haven't changed much, though! To make up for it, I brought you a lot of clothes!
Aah! I totally blanked on that detail! Here, hold these! I'll get started on making you a shop right away!
Actually, you should probably get some rest... and I suppose I should too.
Sorry again for taking so long!
Another letter! I wonder if this one is as weird as the last...
Today feels liek a good day to build! Hmm, looks like Tia or Varia aren't up yet. That's alright. I can just get started without them! Where would be the best spot for Tia's Thrift Shop? There's not all that much room left... Curse my past self for leaving me with this issue after building the Neolodge! What was I thinking? What is that sound? It seems like it's coming from near my house.
Wow, what is this? It looks so old! Why did it start making noises now? Oh hey, there are words written on it! 'With this blessing from the sky, create a place for us to fly. Take all power we can give, and make new land for us to live!' That seemed like a spell, but nothing happened. Its words almost seemed like it would create new land... Did this thing call out to me because it knew it was what I needed? Even if that's true, how could it possibly have been here already... And most importantly... how do I get it to work?
Yeah, sorry. I wasn't sure where to start building, and then-
Okay, yes. But! It was for a very good reason! Look at this.
I'm not sure. It seems really old. I was hoping maybe I had just forgotten, but since you don't know either, then it must be ancient. Look, it seems like it has a spell on it, but when I read it, nothing happened.
That would be peculiar, but perhaps we could give it a go if you're willing? I have a really good feeling about this!
Did that really just happen?
This is beyond fantastic! We just created new land!
Oh my, I didn't even realise till just now... I feel almost faint.
No, the spell just drained a lot of energy out of us. It'll take time to recover. We shouldn't cast another for a while, though, to be safe.
That's alright. We don't have to worry about it for now anyway! Let's just get started on making your thrift shop! Hmm, it looks like the new land doesn't come with a bridge, though. Guess I'll just have to build one!
Perfect! Now we can cross with ease!
This area sure will get dark at night... maybe I should start with the lights. So it doesn't get hard to see while I build, you know?
Now it will be nice and bright twenty-four-seven!
Wow, how did all these feathers get here? Did a flock of Weewoos come by without me noticing? I sure hope so! It's been forever since I've seen a Weewoo fly! Well, better sweep up real quick!
All done! Even though they left a mess, I sure do hope they come back!
Alright, Tia, I have the basic foundation planned, and then we can expand from there!
That didn't take nearly as long as building the Neolodge!
That's a good point! Hi Varia! What brings you to this side of town?
I can't believe I didn't even think of that! I know the proof is all around me, but it still hasn't sunk in that the Faerieland I know is gone.
Time for details! Is there a specific paint colour you want?
Haha, you're right! No need to worry about being charged. Let's just say I'm making a future investment for [town name]!
Well, I'm certainly not about to do that! But, if you really don't care, I have a few ideas in mind!
Much better than dung colour!
Now for the roof! Tia? Any thoughts?
Okay! I have a few ideas anyway!
Now do I know how to raise the roof, or what?
I can already see into the window of your soul! I know just what kind of windows you'll like?
Just watch!
See! Isn't this precisely what you wanted?
I feel the front door says a lot about a business!
Yup, this is totally sending the right message for your store!
I love the look of a good chimney!
That's not only a good chimney! That's a great chimney!
Okay, the idea of you creating an outfit that matches the style of your house is adorable, and I want it to happen!
Last detail! A sign to tell the world what your store is named! Let me think... what would be the best sign for you.
That's great! Do you have a design already?
Finished! Here is your very own thrift store! Or, at least the outside of it!
Thank you... Oh, hey, I've been meaning to ask you but did we know anyone whose name started with X?
Oh yeah, I suppose that makes sense.
No need to be sorry! I'm just glad we at least made our way back to one another!
Now we just need to add a path, and then we can head inside!
There we go! Now others can easily find their way here!
Now we can get started on decorating the inside! Oh, Queen Fyora! You're already here!
Do you know what it is?
Can you tell us what you think it is?
Really? Wouldn't it be much safer with you?
Of course! Thank you! I'll put it to good use, I promise!
Oh Varia, are you going to stick around and help?
Well, the company is welcomed!
Oh my goodness! I haven't introduced you two yet, have I?
At the very least, let me just do some basic cleaning in here while you two talk?
Okay! I'm just going to start sweeping up all the construction dust off this floor!
Ready to place the new flooring! Floors are essentially for any good store! What else would the customers walk on?
We are off to a great start here! These walls will need to be cleaned up before adding any sort of paint or wallpaper.
Perfect! Now on to the colour! Let's see what colour would best bring out the personality of the store?
Definitely the right choice! I'm all done with the basic cleaning. What do you think?
(Hmm, I don't want to be rude, but I kind of want to ask them what they were talking about.)
So, did you both have a nice talk?
I didn't know...
I should've noticed, though. I should've talked with you more.
We'll all have to catch up soon once we finish up all the needed buildings!
A key piece of any store is the counter!
I'll make sure to make it special then!
Now customers have a fantastic place to check out!
Now for a place to put your merchandise!
That's great! But I feel like it's not enough. Maybe we should add another one. Tia, do you think we need more shelves?
I can't wait to start shopping here!
Just a few more shelves outta do it!
There! Lots of room for your wares!
I know when I go shopping I want a nice place to rest now and then, so let's add a chair!
Now customers will be relaxed in style!
We wouldn't want anyone tracking in mud, so let's add a doormat!
Then the doormat will have an easy job! This one seems up for the job and will look good doing it!
Come in!
Thanks. Are you here with news?
This all makes sense, but how did something this powerful get lost, and how did it end up here?
So, if this really is the Gift of Calabrus. Does that mean we can rebuild Faerieland?
But why not? We have the means now!
No, you're right... I understand.
You really think I can do it?
She likes a dramatic exit, doesn't she?
The windows keep it pretty well lit in here, but we should add some lights just in case.
No! Of course not! Why would a light faerie be afraid of the dark? It's not like I've been trapped in a state of permanent darkness for the past decade or anything...
Ha! I got you! Now, whose messing with who!
Speaking of dark! Let's get these lights up fast!
Awesome! Nice and bright inside and out!
I've never really thought about what sort of art would go on a thrift shop's wall before... Ooh! I've got it!
Perfect for making any customers feel welcomed!
It's so comfortable in here! I better add a clock, so you don't accidentally spend all day in here!
This clock seems so wise! We've finished! What do you think of your new shop, Tia?
A discount at the store would be nice!
Living with us... Oh my goodness! I still need to build you a house, Tia!
Oh wow, I hadn't realised how late it has gotten. We should probably call it a night and just get an early start on it tomorrow!
I love getting up at the same time as the sun!
And we are glad you did! So what do you two think? Make another island for your home?
I'm surprised you aren't, to be honest.
Really? I mean, I was exhausted at first, but I feel practically the same now...
If you're also going to live on this island, we should spruce this place up! How about some plants!
Most plants are put in pots with soil for just that reason up here, but the clouds are able to gather nutrients for the plants as well. It's not a perfect science, though, but as long as we look after them, plants can thrive in the sky just like us!
Next up! A delightful water feature!
Hmm, I love it, but I feel like it could be grander! I know! Let's add a fountain on top!
It's like having our own little Rainbow Fountain!
I think that's an excellent idea!
There we go! A comfy bed for flowers!
It's looking very peaceful out here! Let's add some chairs to relax in and soak up the beauty!
A perfect addition! We should all sit down... you know to test them out and make sure they work!
Okay, shoot!
No, no! I was just trying to figure out how to word my answer. I keep expecting to look over and see the castle in the distance or hear the hustle and bustle of other faeries going about their day. I remember where the Faerieland Employment Agency used to be in Faerie City, but for some reason, I don't remember myself as part of it. I remember my love for Faerieland, but it's like I never belonged. Like there was something that I fundementally didn't believe in... I think that may be why I can't recall my life within it... I almost find it funny. How I can't remember my personsal life, but I can recall the Faerieland I once knew the back of my hand. Oh hey! Have I always had this freckle on my hand?
It's more than you know! Thank you!
You did no such thing. It was nice being able to say some of that out loud. And it was even nicer knowing I could confide in my friends! Let's get back to work! We have a house to build! First things first, let's build the foundation!
Perfect! Now we can deck it out with all sort of decorations!
Now for a fresh coat of paint!
The paint looks great!
Time for a new roof! I guess you could say we're gonna rais-
No, of course not... I was just going to say, 'we're gonna raise..'
Agh! Yeah, you got me... I was going to make a pun! Now let's raise the roof!
Almost done with the body of the house. Just got to make a decision about the windows!
But window shopping is!
You can never have enough plants! These even come in pots, so you'll have some soil to remind you of home!
We've got to make sure all your important documents for your shop get to you safely, so I'll build a mailbox!
Perfect! This will keep your mail nice and safe!
Oh wow, that came together so quickly! All that's needed now is a path to your house!
Welcome to your new home, Tia!
No need to say anything! I'm just glad you like it!
Let's head inside!
Alright, let's start with your bedroom! How would you like it to look?
I have a few ideas in mind for how to decorate, but first, these walls need a quick cleaning if we are going to paint them!
All done! They should now hold paint perfectly!
Now, most people would do some paint swatches before committing to a colour, but not me!
Ha! Who needs to do test spots with different colours when your instincts are as spot-on as mine! Time to get on the ground floor! I mean, get on the ground and replace the floor!
Listen, not all of us are as good as this as Varia is!
I guess I'll just stick at what I know I'm good at and fix these floors!
I am really good at this because this floor is perfect!
Maybe we can DIY some curtains out of some old dresses!
Ha ha! So you do have an opinion!
Fair enough! I have another idea anyways!
I like this choice a lot, but if you get a dress in your shop that would make a good curtain let me know!
Sure thing! That was good thinking, Tia! The lights make it nice and bright in here. Also... thanks for the suggestion!
We have to have a rug in here!
Yup! See! Now that's it's in here, you don't want it to leave, right?
Oh, then I guess I'll just take it away.
Hehe, I knew you liked it! Now for the bigger items! A dresser drawer would look good in here!
That was a little bit of a struggle, but worth it!
Oh no! I feel like you really should be better by now! Maybe there's something else going on. I could try a spell to determine what's wrong! I'm going to try a spell that will hopefully bring to mind what is wrong. Ready?
Weak and ill she does feel, tell us what our eyes cannot, tell us what sickness she hast got! Did it work? Did anything pop into your head? Like a word or a diagnosis?
I think it did work! The spell told you that your body needs sleep! And I have the perfect solution. I'll make you a bed! Let's see. I want to get you the perfect bed! Ooh, maybe one with lots of pillows!
Hmm, I'll think about it.
There! A perfect bed to get lots of rest in! If you want, I can head out so you can get some rest.
You're right! I do! But, if you feel like you need a break at any time, just let me know! Let's add a bedside table!
This one is perfect for all your bedside needs!
Hey! I thought you said no puns!
I think a lovely accent sofa would fit nicely in here! And add extra sitting for when you invite friends over to hang out... hint hint.
Aww, how sweet of you to ask! Of course, I would! First, we actually have to choose a sofa!
Comfy and stylish! Perfect for hanging out with friends!
Almost done! Now just going to add a few art pieces to the wall to bring the whole room together!
All done! You officially have a bedroom on a floating island that apparently shouldn't even exist!
Alright! I know you want to sleep, so I'll get out of your hair!
Well, a discount at your store would be nic-
Yeah... I think it was my stomach... I haven't eaten in like... a really long time!
Frozen in crystal? ... yeah.
It's okay! I'm sure I can find something... I just haven't even stepped foot into my kitchen. I kind of worried about what it's like in there after all these years! But I'm sure I can find something!
[Walein name] did you bring someone to the island?
Oh! Hello! Welcome to [town name]!
The pleasure is all mine! I'm...
Umm, yes, that's me... but how did you know all that?
I am?
Well, that was nice of her but then how are you here?
Wait! Do we know each other or something?
Of course! [town name] welcomes you with open arms! The only thing is, if you wish to move in soon, you may have to wait a bit before we can get you a place to live and work... But for now, we have a magnificent Neolodge you can stay in, and you can work out of my kitchen any time you'd like! But not yet! I mean... you're welcome to stay, but I have to make sure the kitchen is up to your standards before you can come cook...
Make yourself at home! Feel free to stay at the Neolodge tonight as well since it is getting late.
I look forward to seeing you in the morning. Good night!
I'm glad I got up early. This kitchen is going to take a lot of work! Ugh, I want Jorett to have a nice place to cook, but I really don't want to touch anything in here! Maybe I should just start anew by sending everything to the Rubbish Dump! No, that would be a waste... but I still really want to start fresh. I've got it! I'll deep clean the items so that I can donate them to the Money Tree and then get new ones! There's no saving this floor, though! It just needs to be ripped up and redone!
Much better! I feel like it's actually safe to walk on this floor. Okay, the light faerie mushrooms growing on my wall would be super cool if it wasn't for how mouldy the rest of it is! I wish I could just paint over this, but that seems like a health violation!
Alright, the mould is gone, and the new wallpaper looks amazing! I can't tell if those used to be curtains or if they're just long sheets of mould! Either way, they need to go!
These curtains are so cute that I almost don't mind how it feels like it's gotten slightly darker in here! Okay, I still mind! I'm torn on whether I should change the lights or accept my fate in the dark... Agh, fine, I'll change the lights!
I made the right decision, because it would have been much worse alone in the dark here... It's hard to tell the difference at the moment, but once it's night, these lights will come in handy! My counters and cabinets look as though they are covered in Fungus Balls! I'm starting to think I should just burn my kitchen down! No! Fire is not always the answer! I just got to put in some elbow grease to clean this up, and then I can replace them!
I love these even more, knowing I put in the hard work to earn them! Okay, it seems all my dishes are just growing mould in the sink over there. I suppose I should figure out a way to clean them...
I'm so glad that's done! Now I have a lovely sink and a clean place to wash my hands! Forget a bun, there's definitely a baby space fongus in this oven! Get it together, me! It's just a little mould!
That wasn't too bad! And now I have a shiny new oven and stove to cook actual bread! You know what, I think I'm starting to get used to this mould thing. I've got this! Aah! Nope! Nope! Something totally just moved! Deep breaths! I've got this!
I just love this new fridge! I can't wait to restock it! I tried my best to get all the mould off the old one, but I'm not sure anyone will want it still... I'm most bummed about how all the papers and photos I seemed to have had on the fridge were destroyed by the mould. Wait, I think I can kind of make out this one photo! You've got to be kidding me! All I can make out is that I'm obviously in it... Someone else seems to be in the photo, but the mould has practically deteriorated that section. It really seems like the universe is out to get me... or at least never let me remember my past! Hmm, it looks like there's a date on the bottom. The only part I can read is "Y12" though. That's the same year as the other photo from the fire. I wonder if they're related at all. I doubt anyone can identify who is in the photo from just the few bits that survived, but I'll hold on to it for now, just in case. I've got to get my head back in the game! Blah, I don't even want to think about eating at this table!
Now this one I'd eat off, even without a plate! As long as it wasn't something like soup... 'cause that would be hard. Something to cook on is probably also important! I'll put a few pots and pans in the cabinets!
I hope this is enough equipment for Jorett! You know, now that I think about it. He'll probably have his own supplies. Oh well! I'll need this stuff anyways once he has his own place to cook!
Yeah! I did it! I cleaned up the kitchen! The only thing to do now is restock the fridge!
Now I can finally eat something! Right after I see who's at the door... It's open. Come on in!
I'm so glad to hear that! Perfect timing, too. I just finished cleaning up the kitchen for you to use whenever you'd like!
Knock yourself out!
Varia! When did you get here?
Oh my goodness! Varia! This is your home!
Which means you need a house here too! I'm so sorry I didn't think of this earlier!
Yes, sweat! I promise I'll get on that as soon as possible! Alright, I've got a lot to plan, and it's starting to get late. Jorett, thank you so much for the delicious food! I'm glad you could stop by, but we should all call it a night!
You ready to get started?
It is your house, so we should do this by your rules!
Sure, whatever you like. But, what would we build?
Really? That would be wonderful! Do you want to get started on that first?
Are you sure you're ready for this? It took a whole lot out of Tia.
With this blessing from the sky, create a place for us to fly. Take all the power we can give, and make new land for us to live!
Yes, I saw! I was right here with you.
Are you okay?
Yeah, me too. You just rest here for a bit.
I'll rest with you for a moment and then get started on a bridge! You just take your time, though!
Alright, time to build that bridge!
Don't worry! I've got enough energy to keep going! Besides, I'm itching to get over to that new land!
But what's the point of me being over there if no one else can join me?
See! It's best to build it so that everyone can use now! Rather than put it off until it becomes an issue for someone who can't access it as easily as I can! This new area looks great! Hmm, it seems a few cloud puffs have stuck around.
They aren't! I think I can tell the different between a cloud and a petpet! No petpets were harmed in the cleaning of this island! Now we casn get building! Varia, do you have any ideas about how you want your shop to look?
That's a fun way of looking at it! I'm more than happy to help, so let's get started on the foundation!
Wonderful! Now on to decorating! I think the best time to put up lights is when it's still bright out! That way, there's never a single moment when you're in the dark!
Now this island will stay well lit! Lampwyck would be proud!
I want the paint job to really suit you and your store... maybe rainbow or possibly all black... You know, now that I think about it. You're tough to pin down.
Haha, alright. Well, I'll do my best to match that feeling to the store!
I feel like it's too little, but at the same time too much... but I still like it!
Do you think we can make it through fixing the roof without saying any puns?
I'm proud of us! We picked out a great roof and didn't make a shingle roof pun! We have a real window of opportunity here!
I know! It's like I can see right through you! This was a great pick!
You're going to need a strong door! One that can take all the customers coming through!
I don't think even you could break through this door!
Time to redo the chimney!
Perfect! And don't worry about the price. It's on the house!
No, no! It was just a pun!
I've been meaning to ask, but what exactly made you want to run a General Store?
I hope it's everything you want!
Okay, the final step to make it official: the sign!
It was a hard choice, but I feel like this one is the most you!
Now that the outside is all done, let's head inside!
I know it's empty now, but just you wait! And since it's so empty, that's the perfect time to paint the walls.
This is so exciting!
There are so many options for floors! Carpet, tiles, wood, concrete!
This was the right choice! I don't know why I even considered the others!
Maybe a little! But this is still the best one! Oooh, I've been looking forward to this bit!
Way better! It's time to build you a counter!
Behind the counter is where the store owner usually stands! I'm sure you'll need lots of shelves, so let's get started! How's this? Enough shelves?
More shelves it is! Does it seem like everything is here?
Let's just say I have my ways!
Okay, yeah, you got me... It's my magic!
What do you need a commercial refrigerator for? You could keep all the ice cream in happy valley cold with a fridge that big!
Quick question, but how long have you been in Faerieland? Could we have passed each other on the street when it was still in the sky?
Really? Even though you could've flown up anytime?
Me too! I ask because I found this photo, but a lot of it was destroyed. I was hoping you may recognise who was in it...
It's okay! I knew it was a long shot. Thanks for trying, though! Now come on! Let's get back to work! I feel like if we don't add a clock, then you'll just spend all day in here!
Everything is looking amazing! Next, we can add a doormat to keep your clean floors safe! A valiant doormat to protect your floors!
I was thinking... maybe we could add...
These lights do a great job of illuminating the greatness of the store! We're officially finished! Your store is ready for business!
No need to hint! I didn't forget this time! We'll even have a break first!
We'll get started building your house whenever you're ready tomorrow!
Like we won't get much done before the end of the day.
Hmm, it seems I'm a little early. Varia must still not be up yet. Since I have the time, I should make a gift for Varia for her to put in her new house!
Perfect! I think she'll really like this! I'll have to wait a while to give it to her, though. Here comes Varia!
I want your home to be everything you've ever dreamed! So, I thought we could add some cool rings around here for you to practice manoeuvring through!
I'm glad you like them! Now you can train for quick turns and to not crash into things.
I also thought that you'd like some colourful plants around! To match your colourful personality!
I don't think we could fit more colours in if we tried!
Time to build your house!
Both the house and I will always be here for you! This will need to be one strong roof! One that not even you can crash through!
You better not! You know, I never really asked... how exactly did you crash into my house?
What are the odds you managed to be flying right above my little plot of land?
Yeah, me too... Painting always makes me happy! I don't know why, but I just love picking out colour swatches!
My secret is: I don't pick it! It picks me! Let's change up these windows! Something a little more expressive!
I'll show you!
I want to redo that chimney next! Make it fit more with the house.
You know what I mean! Now it really fits in!
Shut the front door! And then let's change it up!
Shh, don't ruin my bit! Now that it's all redone, you can open it!
Varia? I was thinking... Earlier, you said you felt drawn to fly in a new area, and that's how you happened upon me, right?
It just seems so random... like statistically improbable, you know?
I am happy! But, I feel like there might be a reason behind it. We need to look into everything if I'm ever going to learn more about my past!
You said you felt drawn there. To me that sounds like magic... I feel like maybe a spell could help if you've had past magic used on you. If it's alright, could I cast one on you?
Something strange is going on, we need our worries to be gone. With this spell of mystery, tell us a magical history!
That's strange... I mean, this world is full magic. Everyone should have a history of interacting with magic, yet I can't get anything off of you...
All I can think of is, just like with me and my memories, something is blocking us from learning about how magic may have affected you.
I don't know... Agh! I hate that we just keep getting left with more questions!
I guess you're right! For now, I'm just going to be happy that we were brought together!
Now for your very own mailbox!
I reall enjoy mailboxes! They're like a little house for your mail!
Queen Fyora! What brings you here?
What did they find?
That's awful? How is that even possible?
Wait, you don't think I somehow had something to do with it, do you?
I'm sorry, Queen Fyora, I don't remember anything from back then!
So... what now then? I don't know how I can prove I'm telling the truth to you.
Okay... I'm ready...
I am... afraid. Did I do something terrible? Have I played a role in destroying my home... I can't remember!
What... what happened?
I may not remember... but that doesn't mean I haven't done something terrible!
Then, how can you explain all that's happened!
I know it might sound weird, but yeah! It's like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.
Breaks are important, but right now, I just want to hang out with my friend and decorate her house! Plus, painting relaxes me!
I feel like a concrete floor might go well with your aesthetic!
This is definitely the right choice! I made sure to make the beds at the lodge super comfy, but I'm sure you'll still like having your own bed!
How are you feeling?
I'm getting the feeling that the hole you put in my roof may not have been the only hole you've created before!
If you put a hole in your brand new ceiling, I'm not fixing it for you!
Yeah... you're right! Now that you've got a great room coming together, I thought I'd give you a housewarming gift!
I'm really glad you are living here!
Next comes so awesome new curtains! I know you'll most likely keep your windows open for a quick flight, so I thought I'd pick one that looks good blowing in the wind!
Hindsight is 20/20! But yeah, let's put some lights in before it gets too much darker in here!
You'll need a rocking set of dresser drawers to hold all your cool clothes!
I hope this works!
I can't believe I almost forgot a rug!
Rugs make any room better! A lounge chair or small sofa would be great in here!
Exactly! A perfect addition!
I'm so glad you like it!
What is all this?
This is so sweet!
No the lemonade is perfect! I meant all of you coming together like this! It really means a lot!
It sounds like someone is arriving at the dock!
You're all welcome to join me at the dock. That way, we can keep this going afterwards!
Queen Fyora! You've back already? And you've brought...
Oh! Well, welcome. It's nice to meet you!
What do you mean?
No... that's okay. Whatever you have to say, my friends should hear it too. They live here, so they have a right to know whatever it may be.
I'm sorry, I don't recognise that name...
Sure... no problem...

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More Information

The Faerie appears to have the ability to explore alternate realities via dreams. It is unknown if this ability is unique to her. She has an alternate reality version who makes Neovision films and also seems to share this ability.

The Faerie's name is inputted by the player. It is unknown if she has an official canon name or not.

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