The Book of Ages



Varia works for Queen Fyora, though it is unknown doing what. One day, she accidentally crashed into a still floating part of Faerieland and discovered a Faerie trapped in stasis. When she was freed, Varia joined the Faerie in rebuilding a New Faerieland.


She's alive!
Hi, [player name], I'm Varia! It's lucky I accidentally crashed into your house and found you, or who knows how long you'd have been here.
Oh, haha, nothing! Let's get started on this game!
Oh no, here it comes...
This must be a lot to take in...
Did it work?
Don't worry. I can run in and grab something if you don't mind.
Oh, wow [player name]! I found this Faerieland Jersey. Did you ever see them play?
Oh, right... Sorry!
That doesn't really narrow it down. Faerieland almost always loses.
Well... They've gotten 4th place twice but went back to dead last again the year after and have been floating in the bottom ever since.
Really? I can have it?
I'll be sure to make some good memories with it. Maybe Faerieland will win the next one.
You alright? You've got a bit of a serious face on all of a sudden.
What do you mean?
What about... the City Hidden in the Clouds? Since it was literally... hidden in the clouds, and I crashed into it.
You sure have an interesting way of coping --- I mean, shouldn't you relax instead of running around like a Gallion? You must have a lot going on!
It sure is something! And so are you! How are you doing? Ready for a break?
Oh no, don't tell me.
I've only been watching, and I'm so exhausted it feels like I just finished a game of Meerca Chase! I don't know how you're doing all this, but if this is what you want, then I'm with you all the way!
Except not like in the physically helping sort of way, of course. I wouldn't want to get in the way of all your hard work!
If it means you taking a break, I'm all for it!
I was already planning to so, of course, I'll stay!
What do you think you'll do with the place?
Oh wow, it's looking like a whole new house! You're doing a great job!
Sorry! I'm so sorry...
Let me at least help you repair it! It's the least I can do.
Good as new!
I'm sorry! When she sets her mind on something, there's really no talking her out of it.
She hasn't been inside yet. That's the one thing that's been hard for her.
Why's that?
Hey! Don't worry about it! I'm happy to be here. Plus, I wouldn't leave you all alone like that!
I know!
Oh wow, your house really is filthy!
I'm just messing with you! Don't worry. It'll be okay. Plus, you've got me as moral support!
Haha, no problem. I was kind of hoping you'd ask. Means less cleaning for me! I'll be outside cheering you on!
Awwww, what a cutie!
Did you find who you were looking for?
That's great! Let me guess, you want to get started right away?
How early we talking?
Sure, sure... but why am I up?
What about the Neolodge?
Then just start building her a house.
Oh! I'm not very good at goodbyes... I am going to fly on home to Neopia Central, not that you've got company joining you.
You don't have to do anything to convince me! I just wanted to see what you'd say. I wasn't really planning on leaving.
What's the matter?
Haha, is that all? You had me worried! Just cause I have my own room now doesn't mean I can't come to hang out all the time with you! Including sleepovers!
I didn't even know there was a 'this side of town!' How is this possible?
This is amazing! We have to send word to Queen Fyora right away! This could change everything!
It's okay. This is why you have me around! I'll send a message to the Queen right away! For now, you two can stay focused on building the shop.
Wow, Queen Fyora. You are handling seeing this place a lot better than I did.
Oh wow, then it really is old!
I am going to stick around!
Don't worry about it! You've had a lot going on!
Yeah, let Tia know!
I feel so too!
Hey, I saw that pondering face before! It's alright. We weren't talking about anything you didn't already know.
Oh, my bad! I guess I didn't tell you that. I just thought it was obvious since she left me here. I didn't think about how you've had a lot on your plate and probably would overlook details like that.
Nonsense! We're in this together and have all the time in the world to talk! For now, I'm just enjoying watching this island grow!
Totally! I'm sure Tia has some pretty interesting stories too!
Wow, Tia, you sure have a lot of stuff. Where is it all coming from?
Wow, you design and sell? I knew you were cool!
There's not a lot of mud up here, though.
Like THE Calabrus? How? Why?
What do we do now? Shouldn't we look into how that artefact got here?
You have no idea!
What's the matter? You scared of the dark?
Oh, [player name]... I'm sorry!
I'm glad you'll be living here with us, Tia!
There she goes! I knew there wouldn't be a break after this.
You two have fun with that, but I'm sleeping in!
Yeah, yeah, that's nice and all, but I'm still confused about how you two managed to convinced me to come out here this early.
Well, I'd volunteer... but I don't wanna!
Maybe we should get a miniature Naia to put in it!
Looks like we got to break them in!
Hey, [player name]? I have a question... but don't feel like you have to answer, alright?
How is it you can recall so much about Faerieland? Like what the Rainbow Fountain is, or how plants can't naturally grow in the sky...
I'm sorry if that was rude or anything!
I'm sorry I took what was supposed to be a relaxing moment and turned it stressful.
Why would a house need a coat? It's not even that cold out.
I know!
A very stylish house indeed!
Aww, you're no fun!
Oh! 'WINDOW shopping' I get it now! That's a good one!
You two head on inside! I'm going to go for my daily flight!
Maybe if I have time... I'm just kidding! Of course, Ill be by again!

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