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Tia is a thrift shop owner who was once helped by the Faerie of New Faerieland to find work at Uni's Clothing through the Faerieland Employment Agency. When the Faerie emerged from stasis, she sought Tia out and she agreed to move to New Faerieland and set up a new thrift shop there.


Thank you so much [player name] for helping me get this dream job! Let's have tea soon. Love. Tia.
[player name], is that you?
It is you! I can't believe it's true. I thought you were dead!
Not even me? Wow. I can't believe you came out of a decade long slumber, and the first thing you decided to do is become mayor of a new town. Bold.
You probably don't remember this, but you helped me get my first job at Uni's Clothing. Even though I'm working in Faerieland now, I've always wanted to open my own shop. A thrift store.
You know what? I'm in. Let me just pack up my things and---
What's wrong?
No problem. Gives me time to pack anyway!
I want to say yes, but it was long ago. After you got me my job, we'd talk now and then, but I can't recall much of what we talked about...
I know that you were the best at your job, though. Practically everyone you worked with left with their dream job!
Oh, wait! I remember the last time we talked! It was fairly closed to when everything happened... but you were pretty stressed about something to do with one of your closest friends.
No, I'm sorry. You just said you were stressed to talk to them about something important. I'm sorry, I know that probably doesn't help---
Well, at least now, with me moving up there with you, we'll have time to ponder these things!
I can't wait!
Who would've thought, a piece of Faerieland that survived? I love what you've done with the place!
That's a big goal, but I'm honoured to be a part of it!
You shouldn't have! Oh, I love it! Thank you so much, [player name]. I can't wait to get started.
You really don't have to do that! I've scheduled new stock to get here soon anyways.
Haha, I don't know if I'd go that far, but if you really want to, then I won't stop you.
Hi, [player name]! It's no problem! I kind of guessed this was going to happen. You always were one to get sidetracked easily.
Thanks so much! Now all that's left is to build a place to put those clothes in.
I suppose I'll put these in my room at the lodge and meet you there!
Haha, yeah, I guess it is already getting late. I wonder how that happened?
It's alright. I understand getting lost in the moment! Feel free to get started whenever you wake up, and I'll meet you there eventually!
I see you haven't got much done. Is everything okay?
You got distracted?
What is that?
Hmm, this is only a guess, but it uses the word 'us'. Maybe this spell calls for more than one person.
I don't know how much help I'd be, but sure let's give it a shot!
I was just about to ask you the same thing!
I'm thrilled too, but do you feel almost completely drained of energy?
Will we stay like this?
I don't know if I'd even want to...
Sound great. I trust your artistic integrity!
The Neolodge is a lot bigger, you know?
No, Sentia, this one is on me. That should have been my first thought too! I was just so focused on starting my thrift shop.
Honestly, I'm fine with anything you want. I mean, you are building all this for me for free! ... Right?
Then you can paint it with a dung petpet paintbrush for all care! As long as it's free!
I agree! I can tell you have an excellent creative eye!
Like I said before, I'm up for anything. Besides, I want to see more of your innovative style!
I'm not answering that... but I do like it!
Oh? Is that so?
Oh wow! It sure is! Free windows!
It's nice that you get me!
Wow, it's coming together! It's inspiring me to create an outfit to match.
Actually, this is the one thing that I've put some thought into...
Yeah, I've drawn up one that I love! Let me know if you think you can make it!
Wow! That's exactly how I imagined it!
I love it! Thank you! Even without your memories, you're still so impressive. I can't wait to fill it with all sorts of nifty clothes!
Hmm... not that I can think of. We didn't have that many friends in common since we met through the Employment Agency.
I'm sorry I can't be of more help. Especially after all you've done for me.
Me too! I can't wait to see what sort of amazing things we can create together!
That sure is important!
I agree! It'll be nice to get to meet you properly.
Alright, but if you need any help, let us know!
It's all looking great!
Yes, and it's been very nice getting to know Varia. I can't believe you didn't tell me she works for the Queen!
I wouldn't really call them interesting, but I'd love to share. But, for now, let's finish my store!
It is where I'll be spending most of my time!
I can feel the good vibes coming off of this! I'll definitely be able to sell like wild here!
For sure, this seems like it'll only fit about half of my merch.
Most days, I'd go to the Money Tree or Second-Hand Shoppe and pick up any donations I thought I could redesign myself or patch up. It's one of the reasons I want to sell things for a good bargain. Since I got them for free, I'd feel weird selling them for super high.
I can't wait for that too! But we should actually finish building the place first! Let me help with the next set of shelves.
Now hopefully, people come with coin!
I agree. Well-rested customers make for happier customers!
Wow, this is a lot to take in...
That was a pretty dark joke!
Not that I would mind!
It's even better than I could've dreamed! The aesthetic just screams me, and the craftmanship is superb. Thank you! I don't know how I'll ever repay you!
I'll think about it!
Watching the sunrise from up here is like nothing I've ever seen! I just want to create something that can come close to capturing its beauty!
We didn't. You just showed up!
There's no need to anyway! I'd much rather my home be closed to my shop! We can just build here!
Wait, how are these going to survive without soil?
I've always enjoyed gardening, but I don't know if I'd have time for an entire garden. How about a flowerbed? I could easily take care of that in my free time!
It's perfect! I could even use the flower petals when dyeing clothes!
Yes, it's very important to make sure new chairs work!
I know it's not much, but I'm happy to help you recall what little I can!
The flow of the house is perfect for me! I can tell I'll easily be able to find inspiration inside!
Oh wow, you're sooo funny...
Let's just paint this thing!
Don't you be making any silly puns now too!
You can't think of anything else that starts with 'rais', can you?
I like it! Even with the overused pun.
Varia, don't say anything about 'windows to your soul' because [player name] already used that one when building my shop!
These windows were worth the puns!
I don't need a reminder because this is my home now! But I do appreciate some good soil!
I can't believe I have a whole house as my workshop! I don't even know what to say right now!
Have fun! You'll have to visit, though, once I've decorated the inside! You'll be able to see my art first hand!
Once I start getting more stuff in my thrift shop, I might change things up. But, for now, I'm kind of interested in seeing what you choose!
That didn't make much sense.
I wouldn't say she is very good at it either.
I like a good DIY, especially if it saves money, but perhaps this time, let's stick to fabric that's meant to be used for curtains.
I'm not going to stop you, but you sure aren't using any of my clothes.
I'll make sure to send it right over! You know what? I feel like the curtains are really affecting the brightness in here. How about we add some lights now?
We have to, huh?
I suppose...
No! No! We can leave it!
I still don't think I'm at a hundred percent. I barely helped with that, but I'm exhausted.
I guess...
No, I don't think so... I just feel like I want to go to sleep.
A normal amount of pillows will do just fine.
No, it's okay. I feel like you still have a few more ideas for this room, and I'd love to see them! I can old off for a little while.
What would the side of my bed need?
I don't know what you're talking about. That was a very legitimate question!
[player name], would you like to hang out sometime. You know, not counting now?
I truly can't thank you enough! Your passion and care have made this room one of the most beautiful pieces of artwork I've ever seen!
Thanks! I really appreciate everything you've done for me. If you ever need anything, just let me know!
What was that? Are you okay?
You mean you haven't eaten since you were...
Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry I don't have any food to offer you!
We wanted to say thank you for all you've done for us!

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