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Jorett is an aspiring chef who eventually moved to New Faerieland to start work there.


He sure did!
It's a pleasure to meet you. My name is Jorett!
[player name]! I know! A light faerie who, along with her floating house, survived Faeries' Ruin and was encased in a crystal until recently!
Are you joking? You're the talk of all of Neopia!
Of course! Neopians and Faeries alike have been scrambling to meet you. Queen Fyora forbid it for now. Saying you need some time, which is perfectly understandable!
Oh, no need to worry! I wouldn't have come against the Queen's wishes. But she agreed with me that you might perhaps want to meet me!
Oh... no. I'm sorry for the confusion! I simply meant that the Queen mentioned that you were starting businesses up here, and I wanted to give you a proposition! You see, I am a cook! I have travelled all over Neopia! From Terror Mountain to the Lost Desert! I've even been to Virtupets Space Station! I did all this to learn from every kitchen that I could! My goal is to start my very own food store where I prepare all the merchandise! However, everywhere I've gone has either already had such a store or was not looking for my skills... I had almost given up hope. That is until I heard of your slice of paradise in the sky! If you'll have me, I'd love nothing more than to move here and start a Food Store on your island!
Excellent! I will bring my stuff at once! Thank you so much! You won't regret this!
Thank you, that would be great!

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