The Book of Ages

The Cellist


This Cellist arranged to meet a violinist in some woods near their village. Their village was destroyed and her presumably along with it, but a vision, or possibly a ghost of her remained in the woods waiting for the violinist. With the help of the Faerie, they were able to meet and reconcile, and she disappeared.


Thank you! Do I know you?
Nice to meet you. I'm sorry I didn't say anything earlier. I just got so engrossed in playing my cello that I didn't even notice you. Do you happen to know what time it is?
That's okay. Have you seen a young man with a violin? I'm waiting for him.
Yes! He's a fantastic violinist, and we've arranged to meet here today and play together!
It's alright. I've been waiting here for a long time, so I think he should be here soon.
Please, wait a moment! Did you somehow clear away all those thorns over there?
I hate to ask, but could you do me a favour. You see, we haven't seen each other for a long time, so I would like to surprise him. I want to show how far I've progressed while we were apart! But, this cello is old and doesn't play like it used to--- could you make me another?
Thank you so much! This cello is amazing! I've never played a cello that sounds this nice!
Yes, I've been practising for many years. It's my dream to be a famous cello player!
Oh yes. The best part of it all has been having someone who shares a similar dream and both of us working hard together towards them!
It's not that. I was just hoping to change into something nicer, but I'm worried he may come while I'm away.
You're very kind. But---
This is magnificent! Thank you! This should be plenty to surprise him!
Thank you! I haven't had fun like this in a while.
Me too!
I love it--- it's just I barely recognise myself with all this on. I usually dress so plainly. What if he doesn't recognise me either?
You're right! I'm so excited to see him again! Would you like to hear a song while I wait?
No, in fact, I haven't seen the score for that song. He wrote it himself. It's supposed to be a string duet for us to play with one another.
I've been waiting for that song--- and him--- for so long.
It didn't use to be like this. We used to play together here, and it was so lovely then. I'm not sure when this place became like this, though. I've tried, but I can't make it how it used to be here. This is where we arranged to meet. So, I need to be here no matter how much it changes.
It's so beautiful here--- it's like going back to when we first practised together!
Thank you for helping me! You've answered every one of my wishes! Now all I have to do is patiently wait for him to come!
You're finally here! I knew you would come!
Now that you are here, it feels like no time at all has passed!
Of course! I like everything about this moment!

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The Cellist appears to have existed in an alternate version of Neopia.

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