The Book of Ages

The Old Man


This man was a violinist who arranged to meet a Cellist in some woods near their village. However, the village and presumably the cellist were destroyed. After many years, he returned to the woods and the Faerie was able to reconcile him with a vision or ghost of the Cellist before she disappeared, setting his heart at ease.

When transformed into a younger version of himself by the Faerie, he looked more like this:

The Young Violinist


No. Besides, it wouldn't matter even if you were.
Yes--- I'm here to see her. Many years ago, I told her I would meet her here once I finished writing the song.
Shortly after that promise, a great disaster struck, and I had to flee my homeland before I could ever finish the song. When I was finally able to return, my hometown had been destroyed, and I was unable to find her. After that, I poured my life into perfecting this song, and then I came to this place--- The moment I walked into this forest, I heard the familiar sound of a cello. I knew it was her! She's been waiting here, just as I remember her. I couldn't bring myself to approach her. I am so much older now--- so different from how she knew me. How could she believe that I'm the one she's been waiting for--- No, I can't risk it. As long as I can hear her playing, I am satisfied.
Thank you very much! But look at me. Will she really believe I am the young man she used to know?
Thank you! What should I even say? Would 'long time no see' or 'sorry for keeping you waiting' be better?
Thank you! I can finally give her the song I composed for us!
No! This can't be happening! My score just broke into pieces!
Great! Thank you again! I don't know what I would have done if we couldn't play this song together at least once!
Sorry to have kept you waiting for so long.
Do you like the song?
No, I am the one whose dream has come true.

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The Old Man appears to exist in an alternate version of Neopia.

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