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Gorix and his brother, Glaxi, were captured by Sloth during his first invasion. Gorix managed to escape, and since then has been fighting in the Resistance. He worked closely with Parlax until the latter betrayed him, although Better Than You #714 implied the pair have somehow reconciled. Gorix had a key role in stopping Sloth's second invasion of the space station.


Welcome to the Resistance.
Hold onto your blaster, it's going to be a bumpy ride. Cylara's unconscious, so it's up to us. We just have to get to -- ARGH! (It appears Gorix has been stunned. You'll have to pilot the escape pod yourself!)
I recently decided to take Cylara's advice and set aside some time for relaxing. I came to Kreludor for a vacation, and I just can't stop playing this new game of theirs! Everyone else has gone to bed, but I'm still itching for some competition. What do you say? Winner gets a prize!
I don't have much time. Some of Sloth's mercenaries are still on contract, and I guess as long as the Neopoints keep coming, they'll keep hunting me. Help me get this tunnel unsealed. I'll be on the lookout for trouble.
That blasted Grimilix has locked us out! I knew we couldn't trust him. If you can crack the code on this lock, I'll keep an eye out for rogue agents.
That's one of us out there, and we never leave a man behind, do we? Now get out there snf help get our boy home!
White, grey, blue, red... No, white, grey, red, blue. Oh the puzzles never end! But we must figure out what is behind this door, why don't you give it a go?
Can you help us find the all the pieces to the ship so we can get home?
Intel has reported there is crucial information about Dr. Sloth's next move inside this tunnel, but I cant seem to open this blasted door! Think you can figure it out? Be my guest, I'll cover you!

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While undercover, Gorix poses as a janitor. During Dr. Sloth's reign, he was given the slave number 7273.

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