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Cylara was introduced in chapter two of The Return of Dr. Sloth. She was simply enjoying a vacation in the Space Station with her family, when she was whisked away by Gorix, and her family kidnapped by Commander Garoo! After helping defeat Sloth, she was offered a full-time position in the resistance.


A chance to save the whole of Neopia? Wait till my friends at school hear about this!
You gotta help me! Gorix and I just found out there are some robot Petpets that have wandered into the Recycling Centre on the Virtupets Space Station! We need to hurry or who knows what will happen to the poor things. Give it your best shot, those Petpets are counting on us!
We don't need to ask for directions, Gorix says. We can just use the map, he says. Kreludor is a safe place where lots of nice Grundos live, he says. WELL, WHAT DO YOU CALL THOSE MONSTERS, THEN?!? *zzzap!*
Yikes, our ship is in pieces! They're spread all over this monster-infested wasteland. It's going to take quickness and cunning to make our way out of this one...
You have to help us assemble the broken pieces of our escape ship or we might be stuck here for ever!

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