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Kavi is a young Kiko who competes in the Kiko Lake tubular racing tournament, in which she has great successes.


Hey guys, up for an inner tube race? First one to the finish line is the winner. Just watch out for rocks and stuff. Ready? On your mark, get set... GO!
Mmm, there's no better way to beat the summer heat than to jump into an inner tube and go for a swim! And if I happen to get a little prize money for winning a race with my inner tube, that's pretty sweet, too.
Being a champion of inner tube racing has taught me to always be able to spot the competition. I can pick out Kiko's with one eye closed... you really think you can match them better than me?
Winter doesn't stop us from having some summer fun! Just avoid those sneaky Kiko's on the shore trying to mess with you and you'll be all good!! See ya on the water!

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Kavi has been referred to as both male and female in the past. However, she is listed as female as this is the most recent reference.

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