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October 6, 2004

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Hannah is a former barmaid turned adventurer who tracked the pirate Captain Bloodhook to his caves in order to recover her grandfather's stolen property. Later, she was recruited by Kanrik in order to free the Bringer of Night. After Kanrik betrayed her, Hannah traveled to Terror Mountain and was instrumental in stopping the Bringer, and freeing the Bori. She bears the mark of Ka-Tutep as a reminder of this journey. She has since moved on to adventuring on Kreludor.


Armin, don't touch that crate! It shoots arro-AHHHH!!!
Pirates? Traps? Monsters? TREASURE?!? I'm there!
Stand back. I'm about to do the impossible -- again. I know, it's really quite exciting, isn't it? Watch me sweep through the entire system of caves on Kreludor faster than you can say, "Lifetime supply of treasure." *sigh* I love my job.
Sometimes the best gear isn't the prettiest, but you know what? I'd rather have enough oxygen to get through this cave system, because I heard a rumour about some rather splendid treasure lurking in the deepest caverns...
So I WAS planning on just taking a relaxing vacation at the Astrovilla. But I heard a rumour that a black market shipment of gems was being smuggled through this cave system. What, was I supposed to ignore that? I know there's going to be treasure right past this door, if I can just get to it...
I hear the last of the Advent Calendar prizes were stolen and hidden away somewhere in the Ice Caves. Naturally, I'm the Usul who'll be recovering them. I've got lots of experience at this kind of thing.
Oh, let's have another go at finding some pirate treasure, for old time's sake, eh? I like to keep my hand in.
I was hired to help these villagers thwart their curse, and if the only way to do it is through the PPL, then so be it.
Oh bother, these robots are entirely too sensitive. It's too bad that Armin is allergic to moon dust; I could really use a second pair of eyes right about now.
You may be able to explore like me, and you may think you could even find treasure like me, but now for the true test - can you dress like me?
So I heard there’s some dangerous caves out there that I haven’t explored yet. Rumor is there’s even some treasure hidden away in those deep dark hollows of Kreludor….well, not for long.
These Ice Caves are wearing me down...can you help me get through? It's getting really cold!
Help me gear up for the next mission with the perfect outfit. C'mon let's get to customising!
Hey there, think you can help me gear up for my next adventure? I need to find the right outfit for this mission!
I've already made it through treacherous ice and pirate caves, so naturally, I should explore Kreludor's caves next. You're welcome to tag along, just be sure to keep an eye on our oxygen and fuel levels!

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In the Curse of Maraqua comic, Hannah and Kanrik appear to marry!

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