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Woogy is an Orange Hasee and one of the very hungry stars of Hasee Bounce. He lives with his brother Jimmi on Mystery Island, where the two of them spend their days bouncing for Doughnutfruit. Tales of their bouncing spread to Meridell, and they were invited to perform for King Skarl.


I'm waaaaay better at grabbing tasty doughnutfruits than my brother. You can't just eat doughnutfruits all the time unless you spend some time bouncing, too.
Can you believe we've bounced aaaaaall the way to Meridell? We're the best bouncers out there, why else would King Skarl have requested us? Now let's get started - don't make us look bad!
Hiya!!! Wanna come jump with us?!? We get some yummyyyy treats!
Do you have the bounce to trounce Jimmi? Can you jump to trump Woogy? Last one to the doughnut fruit is a rotten Negg!
We love to bounce around with the balloons, it is what Hasee's do best. Bouncing! Think you have more spring in your bounce than us!! Let's have some fun then and see if you have the BOUNCE to beat our score!!

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