The Book of Ages



Eamann had himself shrunk in order to battle the petpetpets infesting his petpets. Using a trusty bug gun, he tries to keep his petpets clean from infestation.


Argh! I clear off these little pests three times a day, but every morning there are more! What an endless job. I really need a break, guys. Do you think you could take over for a while? Maybe just a week? Thanks. Be sure to do a good job, though! I don't want to see any pests when I get back!
These poor Petpets are just covered with vile little pests! Hurry, grab a slime gun and give me a hand -- I don't know how much longer I can hold them off myself!
Smiting bugs is pretty much my speciality. There's nowhere a bug can hide from me! That's why I'm the Aisha for the job, so please, stay behind the yellow line. It's for your own safety.
That is IT, I've had it with these guys. No more mister nice Aisha, these petpetpets are toast.
No time to talk, I've got my miniature hands full over here with this petpetpet outbreak! Unless you want to lend a hand that is...

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