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Kelby is a maraquan Shoyru who likes to go exploring with his JubJub friends. He can swim much better than they can, so he often needs to help them reach the lowest depths.


Hey everyone, would you mind giving me a hand? It's practically raining JubJubs today and I just can't keep up. Please do your best to keep my friends safe. I'm sure they'll reward you handsomely if you save them!
Oh, thank goodness you're here! My friends and I were trying to find buried treasure, but the sunken ship was a lot deeper than we thought it would be. Help me save the JubJubs from hitting the seafloor too hard, please?
Wow, this is a disaster! My friends are totally not equipped for water this deep. Help me save them, quick!
Don't worry little buddies!!! I got you!

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