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Team Tyrannia

Team Tyrannia

Nicknamed 'The Forsaken Five', this team has more than just drive, they have heart. The teammates each interact well and their team operates like a well-oiled machine. All roster changes for this team are well thought out and considered first. Each team member was dropped by their former team, and Tyrannia's general manager put them all together. For practice they use the Grarrl Keno Bowl. During 2012, the team adopted some Gruslens. The team communicated using the Acko Ugga dialect of Tyrannian until 2013.

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Team Tyrannia participated in the Altador Cup from 2006 to 2022.

Best placement: 1st (2013)
Worst placement: 14th (2017)

In 2006 the team was nominated for the Most Sportsmanlike Team and Most Unattractive Uniform awards, however it won neither.
In 2008 they received the 'Special Achievement: Slushie Slinger' award.

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