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Major Zeg Blackfin


Little is known about the Jetsam Ace. He seems to be a skilled pilot, though from the description of his action figure, it seems he's a hero trying to save Neopia. However, his background image depicts him shooting down Grundo ships over Kreludor, so he may be a servant of Sloth.


Come back again sometime when you think you can win...
You are going to have to be quicker than that!
Choose carefully or you may not survive this fight.
You are asking for it... sleep that is.
Run away, it is the only way you will survive.
Is it getting hard for you to breathe... that does happen here in space.
You see... you can't hurt me!
Embrace your defeat!
I am the something that will take you down.
I do it for the win.
You aren't going to be coming back around soon...
Everything I need is here in my ship!
You may have won this fight, but I will beat you next time...
Look down, you will be there very soon.
Look around, you are losing...
There is only one solution I can see here, you losing.
I don't just do it for the fame.
Those nimrods at the Kreludan Mining Corp hired me to do some basic piloting for them. Guess they couldn't handle a little variable gravity. After years of fighting Sloth's goons in pitched battles, this assignment should be a breeze.
You will NEVER escape us!

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