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King Altador


King Altador is the founder and leader of Altador. He created Altador after seeing several corrupt leaders manage their kingdoms poorly. He bears the nickname The Hunter.

In the Darkest Faerie game, Altador was disguised as a Knight of Meridell. He tutored Tor, but was injured in a fight with the Werelupe King. At that point, he escaped back to Altador.

King Altador headed an alliance of heroes helping to save the Faeries during the Faeries' Ruin plot. At the conclusion, he discovered that the Darkest Faerie's statue had disappeared, and set off to locate it.


In continuing memory of your great service to our land, I'd like to present you with a gift. It's only a small token of our appreciation, but we hope you will find it to your liking.
I have an urgent message; you must get it to my neighbouring ruler in Shenkuu with all haste. To accomplish this feat, you will need Yooyus of many types. I expect great things from you.
It is a wise leader who delegates, and I am delegating this very important task to you. Do not let me, and the kingdom, down… or get lost.

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In the Darkest Faerie game, his statue had the inscription, "Let none forget our mighty king, known for battles grand. Destined to rule o'er Altador's walls, as long as they shall stand."

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