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Nilo is a guide who introduces newcomers to the world of Neopets Metaverse.


Hey there! Welcome to Neopets Metaverse. My name's Nilo, your friendly neighbourhood guide in this strikingly familiar yet mystically uncharted world! First, let's enter your player name here. It will be visible to other players, so pick a unique one - like Nilo!
Now it's time to select and customise your first Neopet. Don't be shy! Rock your own colour, style, and name to create a Neopet that is totally unique to you!
Welcome to Neopia Central, the beating heart of Neopia! Before venturing forth to check out the sights, why don't you freshen up and organise your Neohome first? What's a Neohome, you ask? Let's find out!
Enjoy home sweet home in your very own Neohome! You can creatively customise your Nehome to be the perfect abode for your Neopets.
Nice work! Your Neohome is looking great! Now you can use this cooker to make food for your Neopets. You can use with this crafting table to make some furniture items for your Neohome. Your Neopet seems hungry and bored now. Let's check out your Neopet.
Yummy! Feeding your Neopet makes them grow on experience. You also gain experience, which will enable more game features. Now let's give your Neopet a gift!
Your Neopet is very happy! Gifting your Neopets with items will strengthen your bond with them.
Nice work! Make sure to take good care of your Neopets and Neohome. Let's head out to Neopia Central.
Oh, I just remembered. I have to take care of a couple of errands. Why don't you explore Neopia Central in the meantime? Considering you've breezed through our sweet little tutorial, I trust you can handle yourself just fine.

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This version of Nilo is a character in Neopets Metaverse, a poor quality, harmful NFT project that exists against the will of the majority of Neopets fans. Learn more about it here.

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